i cant sleep,
well here i am, blogging, its december 26,2009 and its 2:24 on my loptop and on my digital clock its 2:52 and the time on my cellphone is the same with the time with my loptop, well its the same because i threw my phone on the bed with so much power that the battery and the simcard were removed, well i guess i really coudnt take the fact that her cellphone was turned off. okay well have to cut that there for now...

where should i start? okay, i guess i'll start from the Christmas party last december 18. well as usual i dont bring anyfood to school gatherings like parties and gatherings like this but this time i bought spoon and forks :D so i woudnt have to bring a container with me during the my date with hime after the party, well my dad woke me up 5 in the morning, and i was really bummed that he woke me so early while the party doesnt start until 7, and i was waiting for my service for like and hour and 30 mins! the service came around 6:30, that pissed me off, i slept late that day! and i got up early too, thats not good! during the trip to school i slept, and i dont care what they would say or think

during the party we mendel students were having fun , really especially them games where we really needed team work and creativity! well i guess you could see some pictures in facebook. i asked some pics to be removed because it really is not appropriate to be posted publicly. well after that we exchanged gifts and i got a usb flash drive 2G! tnx argie! anyway it took us until 12 to finish the party but it was supposed to end at 11, i guess they really coudnt leave each other...

after the party i saw hime, :D she was wearing a cute outfit :D it was brown :D well i was wearing a brown shirt and we both looked good together, well even if we were wearing different clothes on that time, we'd still look good together. anyway, we went out and got on a "van" well it was really a van :D after such a long time me and hime got the chance to spend time with each other. it was nirvana :D oh yeah we were heading to alabang town center, i guess we missed having to go out :D anyway we checked if we are able to watch the movies, but i guess time is in the way again, so yah we did not watch the movies instead we went to get ice cream :D dairy queen and i learned that if the blizzard is not steady its for free :D and i was shocked after knowing that, haha well while we were eating we were discussing what to do since we cant watch a movie because of time, we decided to go to festival mall :D and yah :D we went to atc just to eat ice cream :D well there is a dairy queen in festi (hahA) so yah ... well in festival mall we roamed around :D and around
and we looked for gifts for mikee iison and hime :D , well at first i really did not wanted to buy the ryuk doll because of its eyes... poor ryuk, well after having to think about it for so long we decided to take ryuk with us, and we also bought a barney bag for iison... well share, i knew that hime liked this bag from art work and well i guess i teased her about liking it and i went too far, on our way home, hime fell asleep on my shoulder :D hehe so cute :D anyway after the ride from festival mall to pag asa, hime and i rode a tricycle and thats were i gave the shirt i made for her :D well our day did not end because of what i did, the tease part... im still sorry for that

well i knew how she really liked it and i know i made her sad by teasing her and all,
so the next day i made a plan, i planned that i'll go to festival mall buy the jacket and then leave , then i was really wondering how i would give it to her, well i thought about not going too because there is a chance that it wouldnt be there anymore. well anyway the next day, i prepared my self for a journey

i guess i left our house after lunch? or was it right after late breakfast? haha nyway :D i left the house, and well guess what it was hot that day and i acually planned to walk to where the jeeps are available but i guess i got lazy and took the tricycle and that costs 20 pesos, i went down when I reached 7-11 and i told my self i'll walk to the station knowing that it would be near. well i was wrong, really wrong, well in fact i was dead wrong! it was so hot, and i should have took the jeep it would have only cost me 6 or 7 pesos, well stupid me (haha) i really do make bad decisions when im alone anyway when i reached the station and got on the "van" but it was really an "l300" it was clearly "L300"! anyway since i was alone i sat at the corner and i was blankly staring at ... something? haha i guess i was daydreaming again :D anyway after some passengers got down i was still daydreaming i guess, the driver looked at me and asked me "festi?" and i said "yah festi" then he looked out side and said "festival mall" and i looked outside an it was festival mall already. that as so embarrassing! and i was like! did that really happen , after a few i laughed at myself because it was really stupid of me! haha thats what i get for day dreaming. and oh yah i almost forgot :D its my first time to commute alone! so cool :D

when i was in side festival mall the first thing that popped in my head was to roam the mall, well it has been a long time since i last went to festival mall :D and it was my first time to actually go to a mall alone :D with personal intentions! i went to the 3-4 th floor knowing that artwork is located at the 1st floor :D haha well anyway while i was roaming i reached a dead end , since i idid not want to look like a kid whose lost, i bought shawarma! haha i was roaming with a shawarma in my hand, and entered toms world just to eat! ahaha

anyway after eating i went down and i got lost (haha) thats what ia get for roaming around (haha) after 5-10 mins i found artwork and bought the jacket :D well before i payed for it i asked for a new stock of the same jacket, well the person in charge told me that it was available in small and medium and she asked me if i wanted to try it on. and i was like puzzed upon hearing that! haha its not for me (haha) anyway i asked the cashier lady if they had paper bag and she told me their poor, and i was like for real? (haha)

anyway after that i was ready to go home , but i decided to have a gift for my self :D i bought ice cream for me :D Hehe anyway i rode the "van" again but its actually just "l300" haha anyway while iw as in the L300 i overheard othe other passengers talking about load , the girl in front of me asked the girl beside her if she had extra load, well i was looking for load too, luckily there was some one who in the L300 who owns a loading station, how convenient ryt haha .... ********* OH YAH I FELL ASLEEP WHILE I WAS MAKING THIS PARAGRAPH*********

time check its 10:41 in my loptop and its 10:45 on my digital clock
after the that i told hime that i have something for her , i described it i said " pampainet sya pero ndi syapede sa ref, pag linagay mo sa ref baka kung ano manyari, pag pinainit mo naman baka masira" and i said something about the wrapper (haha) well i guess i really confused them , lil sis and hime ... they both thought it was food because of my description well anyway if i were them and if they described it like that i'd think it is food too! haha

*** its 2:45 here in the shop, i ate took a bath and now im here at the shop, ***
so where was i? oh yah, i delivered the package the following day i walked there carrying my bag , well i drizzled... i got wet and well it was worth it (haha) mikee really thought it was food she thought it was a cake! haha anyway when i go back lil mikee told me that she already saw it :D me and hime got to talk to each other and we said thank you to each other and "the i love you"s haha :D cool :D

okay uhmmm enough about that

i still have more to blogg and im still not half way through it, well i really hated the events on 24-25... and yes i hated my christmas! i hated it because we went to rizal so late... we were so late that we missed the misa de galo! i was like, whats the use of completing the simbang gabe of i'd miss misa de galo!? i was so annoyed knowing that i missed it when we got there... i feel like mg effort from the 1st day of simbang gabe to the last was really really wasted,

another thing that i really disliked about 24, we were on rush! we had so many things to do... why weren't they done earlier,... tss oh well moving on. when we were already there in rizal and my cousins just got home from the mass, the first thing that my cousins did was laugh about what happened to me during the sembreak, damn them, when they saw me , they laughed right away and i was like oh crap they are laughing about what happened , i was so annoyed, they made me remember something that made me stay up for days! after a few one of my cousins who is a member of tao gama came to me and was pissed of about me being beaten, i was telling my self that yes i know i could have beaten them up one by one but hime was there with me eh, well dad's ganna buy me a pepper spray... i'd prefer 4 fingers... haha anyway pepper spray is good too, oh well i'll just forget about that ... i cant... they made me remember that my ego has been stepped on by a group of stupid lowlifes! ... actually my ego has been stepped on by lowlives twice this year.... moving on

well after notche buena, i almost threw up and one of my cousins asked me? "bulimic ka?" i researched and yes i'am ... :( wow i never thought that i had a disorder like this one... well share
bulimia nervosa is the opposite of anorexia nervosa,

okay so im lost... its 5 un the morning. uhmm its december 27.... no sleep again. O.o well anyway after the notche buena we opened gifts and well this is the only christmas where i did not receive any big amount of money.... i barely got 1k... O.O i hate this christmas, well anyway i got my vid cam... after that i stayed with my cousins which is in the same age as i am we watched "orphan" and i was freaked out! i blame the camera man for this! anyway after that i slept, then i woke up after a few... it was cold in their room,

i'll skip, some details i really want sleep, when we were on our way home we stopped by meralco and i stayed in the van... alone, singing ... i guess i really needed time alone since i know that i was being harsh again,... :( anyway i stayed in the car for about an hour alone... then when they were in the car they decided to go to moa and i was like.... whats wrong with you people!? well i had no choice but to go along with them... i was really pissed because i really dont like having stops during trips! after that we went home and they were discussing about how my brother will go with my sister and brother in law to baguio, well i was really pissed to know that my brother was going to baguio and meet our cousins, well.... i really wanted to go too i was really pissed and i was going to blogg about it but sadly i fell asleep and thus continued blogging in the morning and then i was asked to stay in the shop and tada this is me ryt now still blogging,,, and now im off .... i want to sleep na... (Wave)

This is how i do
after so long, I've finally decided to blog again, i wonder why... maybe its because of the examination week and i guess i really dont want to study yet. so i guess I'll just blog for the mean time...

share... "everything happens for a reason" well that syaing or "quote" is stuck in my head, well i guess i wont get rid of it because its so true, well i really cant explain it, but its really true

okay enough about that, about my plurk that i have a reason why i walk even though its hot or even if its dark already even if i walk alone and even if i walk in a group, well i really do, im the type of guy that doesn't show his emotions... well true emotions. anyway i walk because i need things off my system... i walk it of! and sometimes i breathe it off... well how would i say this? I've been really sad these couple of days... and i guess i really would want this pain go away... i cant handle it, i might loose it and go berserk on someone, oh yeah i actually did go berserk on someone, but i had a reason. oh well i wont share what happend between me and jen.

anyway i'll go study, since i cant walk this off i guess i'd just breathe it off... im still so sad... :(

Killing boredom

1. What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?
- Food!

2. What did you do last night?
- played plants vs zombies... chat, play on fb and plurked ... i think i blogged too

3. What is the most important part of your life right now?
- My relationship with hime

4. What would you rather be doing right now?
- id be with my princess :D enjoying and appreciating the presence of each other and the smiles and laugh we share

5. What did you last cry over?
- uhmm me being stupid and being a pain :(

6. What always makes you feel better when you're upset?
- have a conversation with my hime

7. What are your plans tomorrow?
- go to school and actually listen to the teacher

9. What are you worried about?
- uhmm im worried of my hime right now

10. What are you looking forward to most in this week?
- my date with my hime :D hehe NIRVANA :D


1. Have you ever liked someone with a girlfriend/boyfriend?
- yes I did ...

2. Have you ever had your heart broken?
-yes :') many times

3. Have you ever played on a sports team?
- yes, if thug of war is included to be a sports team :D

4. Have you ever been out of the country?

6. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
-yup, I dont really care...

7. Have you ever had the cops called on you?
- i was the one who called the cops

8. Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
- yes, im a day older :D ehehe Love you hime!

9. Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
-no cant even finish a book in a week, well never did try!


1. Who was the last person you saw?
- My mom... she was out side my door

2. Who was the last person you hugged?
-my niece

3. Who was the last person you called?
- hime :D

4. Who was the last person to call you?
- uhmm paolo

5. Who was your first crush?
- I'm sorry i dont seem to remember her name... but i guess i used to call her katcha

6. Who was the last person to text message you?
- wendesday marual

7.Who is the last person you texted?
- Hime :D

8. Who did you last yell at?
- Honey... i had no lapel! i had to shout! (HAHA)


1. When was your last shower?
- this morning well i cant take a show in school

2. When did you last see your mom?
- moments ago

3. When was your last hug?
- uhmm a week ago? i guess

4. When did you last dress up?
- after i took a shower

5. When was the last time you cried?
- weeks ago

6. When did you last go to the movie theatre?
- last august

7. When were you born?
- august 29, 1994


1. Where do(es) your best friend(s) live?
- cavite

2. Where did you last go?
- to the pc... im using loptop

3. Where did you last hang out?
-school! (HAHa)
4. Where do you go to school?
- Divine light academy

5. Where is your favorite place to be?
- at home!there's no other place better than home or somewhere im with hime

6. Where did you sleep last night?
- in my room


1. Do you like someone right now?
-YES :")

2. Do they like you too?
- yahp :D

3. Do you ever wish you were someone else?
- uhmmm i guess but i like what i have and i'll stick to being me

4. Do you know the muffin man?

5. Does the future scare you?
- i i guess


1. Why are you best friends with your best friends?
- they love me for who i am :)

2. Why did you get a Facebook?
- to be in touch with some friends whom i dont usually see and the games :D

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?
- it was because "MAX ALVARADO" was popular during the time!

4. Why are you doing this survey?
- i feel like it


1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
- time manipulation

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
- yes, i think i might change a lot of things in my present if a changed something in my past right

3. If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one thing what would it be?
- a computer with built in high speed internet.... i guess that would make my chance of survival go higher


1. Would you ever be friends with someone again, who you promised yourself you never would be because they were mean to you?
- yep

2. Would you ever shave your head to save the person you love?
- sure!


1. Name a dream you wish to fulfill
- to be with my hime (cozy)
I guess the title was the first thing that came in to my head HAHA, uhmm dreams? uhmm okay i have dreams :D heheh so okay... list of dreams (HAHA)

Learn to play ... pino,violin. harmonica
Participate in ... boxing, tkd, vball and dance(?)
compete in .., tournaments supported by the school!
learn different languages like ... japanese, chinese, french and korean
Learn to ... Cook :D Fix Computers, DRIVE!
have the following as my own.... HOUSE, CAR, LAND, BUSINESS!
Finish ... TKD! HS! COLLEGE!
I wanna Grow Old With You :D Hime! :D I wanna Grow Old With you :D
take either ... dentistry, entrepreneurship, or law...

uhmmm :D yah :D thas some of my dreams:D
a basis upon which something stands or is supported .... i guess this is my word for the day... it got stuck in my head (haha) well any way ... i'll have to thank the foundation of our section :D and he is... no other than our loving dear adviser :D sir glenn :D thank you sir glen for your support :D we wouldn't have presented a beautiful presentation :D without your help sir glen... we your students thank you so much for helping us during our practices and during the times that we really needed you :D

Well anyway... this day is very memorable :D this is the day that i finally found out what foundation is... im not dumb! i know hat foundation means ... its just im referring to another foundation... the make up (haha) well anyway i thought the foundation is used to control the oiliness of the face ahaha its used to hide unwanted things in the face ... haha sorry :D haha anyway this day i found out that we shouldnt try the mascara too! (HAHA) well it got ruined and it got spread near my eyes... it looked like i had black eye (HAHA) and its really hard to wash it off (HAHA) oh yah i just found out that i really like spicy food :D (HAHA) the traits of being a bicolano is showing oh (HAHA) anyway :D

so okay this is the day where we presented our ella presentation... We were really hoping that our presentation would be a blast... well it was :D (HAha) well we all expected that we would win.. i guess the quote is right " expect the un expected" hehe well not really since the beginning we already felt that the Aristotle class would really be a hard class to compete with, well we were right about that :D i guess we were a little confident ... oh come on! we were over confident... well :D we accept our loss with a smile ... for is we already won ... but it would be better if we did win :D
hehe :D well anyway we enjoyed presenting the play :D the pay where blood, sweat, tears and our money got lost ... hehe just kidding :D well i say it was all worth it :D

ELA Week (pershir presentation)
the first to present was dalton class... it was Good :D but they could have done better... we were all so expecting so much from the dalton class really... it was because they were practicing earlier than any other classes ... i guess they were nervous or something... but it was some how interesting :D well i still liked it though! :D Aladin is one of my favorite disney movie :D :D well i'll have to praise charm, pau and grace and the one who played genie aladin and jasmine :D and the who who played as the sultan is really cool :D he actually looks Good being in character

Next Up was the darwin class their play is about Cinderella :D well i think their play was really tricky cause they have to change their clothes in a very fast manner, well im really amazed to see that they managed to pull if off nce one thalia! nce one darwin :D but i guess you guys received many deductions when you guys were setting the props :D

Okay Then it was Pasteur's turn it is about beauty in the beast :D two thumbs up for them :D carando looked Good, the brother of denise looked Good too, kristina was wonderfull, the beast was really scary, their props was really good :D and their costumes... wow! :D it was really really Good :D oh yah the duster, the clock and the teapot was Good Too :D

and then finaly it was roentgen's time to shine :D well it was also good but as always... the audience would be really bored and all since it was the last one... some of them was already loitering and eating... well anyway its really Good to :D go seven dwarfs !and go snow white :D

uhmm i really Feel bad for darwin and dalton since their play is ow so Good Too ... but the pasteur's play was really Good better i'd say... but i guess they didint win it even thought they received 5 awards... well of us you guys are still winners :D GO 1ST YEAR!

im currently feeling happy and excited and scared (Haha) our presentation tomorrow GO US :D

where are you guys right now?
just recently I saw an old student of dla.... what i mean by old student is they have, or had studied in DLA during the old days... (HAHA) during our grade 6 life there was like 160+ of us in one batch.... there was 40+ in one section... well i remember the grad really... i really treasure that memory about the grad... it is the last time so far that most of all my friends sang together the DLA hym and the national anthem and sang and dance together... i cried that time really... i was almost one of the people who left DLA... Good thing i didnt leave (HAHA) I'd miss so many things in my life.... well anyway there was 40 + who left us... lara :( uriel :( daryl :( and so so many more... i cant even name them all because they are all so many... i want to see the year book ASAP! :( i want to remember them all (HAHA) hahah
It Hurts But I guess I can handle it... trust me
:D i'll start this blog with a smile :D because i just feel like it hehe XD

well anyway i dont feel well these past few days... i guess since last week? last week monday i guess... yah last week monday... i remember telling dang paula and caryl that im not feeling well and i feel cold even thought it was hot... it looked Hot and it was hot, i used someone's jacket as a cape... i dunno i seldom wear jacket and i dont really wear it i just use it as a cape... well anyway when ever i go out of the room i'd say " its hot... who has a jacket?" and all of them would laugh and i really dont care since it really sounded weird... well this past few days you'd notice me carrying a jacket around... i have 3 reasons, their not really Good reasons but i have 3 reasons (HAHA) fist of all, the jacket Looks Good! (HAHA) secondly the sun light hurts my skin (haha) and lastly... it was really cold of me... well anyway .... sunday night i had a head ache but i could still handle it and i ignored , the following morning i still had the same head ache but it hurts even more... but as the day passed by my head ache was tolerable and it was almost gone... right after our dismissal i felt hot... my limbs were shaking as i went down i saw arjone with hime and arjone said something and for some reason i got annoyed then vinni and eanna almost caused me to trip but arjone got a hold of me and helped me and ajrone told me her secret that ...... yah that, i say its really obvious of you to have that for someone... anyway hime and i went out and got in the car... hime asked me if there was something wrong... i just told her im okay.... well i was really okay that time my limbs werent shaking anymore and my head ache was gone... shes my medicine :D ehhehe :D then when we reached her house we said good byes and after a few i just noticed that my head ache was back and then i guess i really needed to rest ... when i got home i wasnt feeling good my head ache was unbearable and i was plurking what i felt...when it was already nine i called hime and we talked for.. i dunno... i guess it was long ... i guess we ended 10:30?? anyway my head was really in pain... i told hime that we really needed to sleep but i guess i was hyper again and told her that i was waiting to hear something i guess i really need a hearing aid since she told me so many times that i was "deaf" heheh sorry i guess my cold affected how i could hear... well anyway after the call my head was in such pain that i cant even sleep until 12.... yes that right ... it was as pain full as that but i guess i manged to get some sleep... then next thing i knew it was already 5 and my eyes looked really bad and my head was still in pain but this time i was hot... but i guess my i really wanted to go to school.... i dunno why but i guess i had no other choice... when i reached school i went up and dropped of some of my books since it was heavy... and then i went down and after a few ervin came running to me and told me that hime was already there and i asked ervin to come with me sicne ireally dont like walking alone (HAHA) anyway it was good to see arjone, sempai, aerold jamie and the others with hime :D their all so fun to be with :D hehe anyway while i was with them i coughed and something came up and i really had to go in the cr... hime and sempai was worried ... after a few the bell rang and i told hime that im okay then we went our ways.... during our fist subject i threw up 3 times and when it was already time i told sir glen that i needed to go to the clinic and the nurse told me to go home and so i did and tada i sleep for so long and had my lunch at 5 :D and now its 11 oh (HAHA) im ganna sleep na imma attend my classes pah :D tomorrow :D

(wave) until next time :D
100 truths about me?
Truth much about me \:D/

1. Real name: Vincent Max L. Alvarado
2. Nickname: Vince, light, Vincent, max
3. Zodiac sign: Virgo
4. Male or female: Male

5. Elementary: Divine Light Academy

6. Middle School: ? (HAHA)
7. High School: Divine Light Academy
8. Hair color: Black

9. Long or short: short

10. Loud or Quiet: Loud

11. Sweats or Jeans: jeans
12. Phone or Camera: both.

13. Health freak: at times

14. Drink Beer or Smoke: neither

15. Do you have a crush on someone ? yahp... love actually
16. Eat or Drink: eat!
17. Piercings: none

18. Tattoos: none .


19. Been in an airplane: no

20. Been on a motorcycle: yes

21. Been in a car accident: almost!

22. Been in a fist fight: Almost... twice (HAHA)

23. First piercing: none

24. First best friend: Paolo Estaura
25. First award: Gold Medal in TKD

26. First love: baby sis

28. First big vacation: uhmmm Caramoan?


29. Last person you talked to: Hime :D
30. Last person you texted: Hime :D

31. Last person you watched a movie with: Hime :D

32. Last food you ate: chicken with corn

33. Last movie you watched: UP

34. Last song you listened to: Riders on the storm

35. Last thing you bought blue bloods: anu yun?

36. Last person you held hands with: Hime :D


37. Food: cordon bleu

38. Drinks: MUG!
39. Clothing: pants, shirt , boxers, sando, haha

40. Books: manga,

41. Music: jpop, jrock, hiphop dunno really

42. Flower: rose

44. Movies: UP!
45. Positions: ????
46. Subjects: uhmmm PE? (HAHA)


47. kissed in the snow: Wala namang snow dito sa Pilipinas.

48. celebrated Halloween: Yeap.

49. had your heart broken: yahp

50. went over the minutes on your cell phone: yahp

51. someone questioned your sexual orientation: no

52. came out of the closet: i have no closet

53. gotten pregnant: ? im a guy!

54. had an abortion: im a guy!

55. done something you've regretted: yeap

56. broke a promise:yahp

58. pretend to be happy: yah :|

59. met someone who changed your life: YES!!

60. pretended to be sick: yahp

62. tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it: nope, did not like it not one bit

63. cried over the silliest thing: nope
64. ran a mile: i think so
65. went to the beach with your best friend(s): no :(
66. stay single the whole year: Yah! Maraming years!


67. Eating: Nothing.
68. Drinking: Nothing.
69. I'm about to reply to: no one wla kausap oh :(

70. Listening to: nothing.

71. Plans for today: sleep eat and use the computer

72. Waiting for: hime


73. Want kids?: i guess

74. Want to get married: cyahp

75. Careers in mind: business man, dentist? seaman? uhmmm ? not sure


76. Lips or eyes: eyes

77. Shorter or taller?: i really dont care

78. Romantic or spontaneous: Both.

79. Nice stomach or nice arms: both.

80. Sensitive or loud: both

81. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
82. Trouble-maker or hesitant: i really dont mind


83. Lost glasses/contacts: nope

84. Ran away from home: nope

85. Hold a gun/knife for self defense: yes...

86. Killed somebody: nope.

87. Broke someone's heart: yahp
88. Been arrested: uhmmm got questioned by the cops :D

89. Cried when someone died: yeh


90. Yourself: yes.

91. Miracles: yahp
92. Love at first sight: i think so :P

93. Heaven: yes.

94. Santa Claus: st. Nicholas? yah!

95. Sex on the first date: no

96. Kiss on the first date: no


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? :right now? i want my princess to be by my side now.... me and hime are together :P

98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? Yes!
99. Do you believe in God: Yes! Amen!

100. Post as 100 truths
SAVE MAX! (HAHA) so okay, this month i'll like totally save money, I'll save for the following :D

* Movie date with hime :D
* monthly 250 for load
* sim card of sun :D
* gifts for eanna, vinni, danielle , gabriel and iison :D and oh my gift for lil sis d'doh!
* necklace for hime :D
* pocket money? (haha)
* for the christmas break :D
*ice cream :D
*ear phones :D
i think there is more?

oh well that would be for now :D as of now im doing my best to save money (HAHA)
well Good luck to me :D
Realizations, Goals, Plans, Wants
I got to taste "reality" and i did not like it, not one bit. Its the 2nd time that i got in "trouble" with my princess beside me. I aint ganna wait until the 3rd time. No... I dont want my princess to see those things, and i dont want my princess to worry, And of course I dont want my princess to get hurt. So this Month I'm planning to Continue My TKD, my tkd wont be used for offence i would only use it for self defense , recently i experienced how dangerous "PAG-ASA" is... and it is, its like the ghetto here, certain people control this palace and another for that place, i guess we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, Im actually kinda cautious now a days (haha) *it just happened yesterday(10.31.09)* lesson learned max, dont look at strangers and dont walk in the dark. well thank god they weren't carrying stuff with them. Come To think of it, it was really a blessing, that my princess and my lil sis did not get hurt, even though i did, i realized that there wasnt any serious injury, i did not get hurt badly, even though it still hurts, im okay, and nothing was lost. well anyway for me its also a sign, yes a sign, for a change? maybe , for the right path? possibly? well i really dont know im just going to correct my self when i notice that im doing something wrong. Wow A New Max? i dunno oh well where was I?
uhmmm i guess its time for me to really focus on my studies, my karma barely rises anyway, how about blogging? well i'll continue blogging, its a good way to express one's self but i would prefer talking :D what else what else oh yah, im going to take the ela presentation seriously i would give it my best, we need this, and ooh yah! We have something something this month! NIRVANA :D O.O I have to save, i'm 500 Broke... I need to be 1k broke before our nirvana, and oh yah after that i still need to save money, i have a Christmas gift in mind for my princess already :D Well i have no Idea how to buy it, oh wait i know how to order it, but to pay for it? not so much! (HAHA) well anyway, I'd Ask my cousin what to do :D she gave me hope that it was actually possible :D haha even though it really looks possible :D well i really dont know how to eh :D well if all else fail, Im still going to give it even if Christmas is long over (HAHA) what am i saying? this blog is for november? O.O wow i just realized that this blog Is already Off Topic! (HAHA) wow im starting to love blog :D my previous blogs were like schedules and was preatty boring... O.O uhmm Im I Boring you? Sorry :( oh well its kinda late :D I Told my princess I'd Sleep early :D okay im going To sleep In a few :D Well everyone Look out For A New ME :D help me find it :D (HAHA) Hime (cozy) i wont let anyone hurt you, imma ganna stay by your side and take every blow the world has to offer.... just to keep you safe. Love You My princess :D

WoW A serious Blog turning very into a very random one. <[= . =] >
(ps: i really dont know if the title has something to do with my blog, it was the first words that came in my head while thinking of a tittle)
Grow Up
Today is definitely not my day. I woke up not feeling well and my eyes looked bad my toe still has a wound. and yes i wore my shoes with a wound, my socks had blood on it. anyway this morning i only ate a few since i wasn't feeling well, got on the service and reviewed for a while and since i wasn't feeling well i stopped after a few, well anyway when we got to school and saw "a friend" and reminded me that we need a calculator and i totally forgot that i was going to bring mine me and a " friend" was looking for an upper class man well anyway i borrowed from "an upper class man" and my "friend" borrowed from one of my "close friends", me and a"close friend" of mine talked to each other, we like talking, obviously . well anyway we waited in the lobby for my beloved princess and while we were waiting for my princess, there were upperclassmen passing by and there was one of them who kicked me on purpose he said "sorry" i know it was on purpose the look on his face told me that. well i told my"close friend" to stop me from doing something i really would regret, and my"close friend" did stop me and was able to make me laugh. moving on i'll skip the exams parts it was hard oh well

dismissal time and i went down with my legs shaking and i was really feeling weak, well we waited for my princess. while doing so i felt more weak. when she got down we got up and was ready to leave , but i could not do so since i did not have a gate pas and there was no service available to be my excuse well anyway after a few the service came and i went out and caught up with them. well they decided to walk we like walking too, well anyway while we were walking there was a bunch upperclassmen riding a tricycle and one of them shouted, i got pissed and shouted back. i got pissed because i wasn't doing anything to him and he'll shout at me? whats his problem? when we about to reach the gate i saw the upperclassmen waiting for me to go there. and when we got there the one who shouted at us asked me why i answered back, i told him that you shouted, and an exchange of words happened and he pushed me and i was really really lost it that i almost hit him , good thing there was an even higher class man with us and stopped the commotion, and there were also people in the bunch that was stopping me from fighting back and some off them were saying something bad about our batch and all...

right now, i still don't feel good, i haven't eaten anything and I'm in no mood to study ... my princess did not like what i did, and i 'm so stupid for fighting back,

well all i want to say is that he needs to grow up. and its not nice to gang up on someone... its a big NO NO, whats your prob anyway?

i cant think of a title...
Blog Blog Blog... wow their is nothing to blog about, but why am i? oh well i must be really bored, why dont i study for the exams? Im not In the Right mood to study. Why arent I? lets see... Im in the verge of breaking down because i really miss hime :'( cant think straight these previous days and weeks. its been how long since... oh well good things happen to those who wait... i need and want nirvana.

Im currently experiencing body pains... my arms have been in pain for days now, my legs toomaybe its because i lack exercise. There are times that my chest is in pain, maybe its emotional pain! (HAHA) anyway i've decided that i'll continue my traning In TKD and In VB and i think i'll talk to sir ryan about the dance club, :( second thoughts... :'( how about our time? :( oh well enough of that

I just realized that not everyone in mendel feels each other, why do we eat in different groups? dont we accept each other? i can go along anyone in side our class, call me plastic i dont mind! ... well i really dont like some people in mendel but I TRY to be their friends! oh well I really dont have anything to say about it really, its just that mendel is not united as one... if ever there were a conflict from another group to another it would really separate us from them...

... :( i cant put thoughts into words :( (TEARS)

uhmmm friends.... i have lots of them.... can i name them? well not all of them there are so many... how bout close friends? i can name them... uhmm HIME :D we are really really close :D hahah :D uhmm there is sempai, paolo e and fernette their like my child hood friends :D well they are :D there is paolo m hes a best friend of mine :D and ooh :D dang carly and paula :D their are new close friends of mine :D even though dang and i have quarrels from time to time , czar is a close friend i come to her when there is something bothering me about... :D haha, there is seth and grench :D anne and and?? wow i have lots of friends but i dont have much close friends...

parents? my mom and dad is very strict and therefore doesn't understand me. sister? shes very bossy, and very lazy a good leader is a good follower well shes neither! brother? hes very mean he'll come to me when he needs me and when i need him he just disses me and gets mad at me sheesh! my lil sister? shes spoiled! and she thinks shes in control, if she wants something she wants it and will do anything to get it. what a family...

Reaction Paper For Bio :D
(10/6/09) *Date of our disection* :D

well i panicked because of the fact that we really didint have a frog. well good thing there was a school personnel selling frogs for dissection. I was really happy to know that they were still available :D well anyway, i was really glad that we have a frog and i felt completely lax knowing our frog was with us already,

Bio time :D
Well i borrowed a lab gown , pair of gloves and a mask, dont worry they are all unused well of course except for the lab gown, :D well anyway :D *sir pls dont take away my points* hehe when we got in the lab i asked rodel where he placed our frog, and he told me ivan had it, well i approached ivan and asked him where the frog was, ivan told me to reach in his container, well i did, i really freaked out because it is my first time to actually hold a frog, and its kinda frightening to hold it because it might get out of the container and actually escape, and me shouting like a total loser, a big no no! I faced the fact that i'll have to hold it sooner or later anywas. and so i grabbed our frog and noticed it has only 3 legs...

I feel sorry for our frog, it musta been so hard living with a defect like that, i felt bad because it already has a missing leg and the fact that we were going to kill it, i told my self, can i really do this?, it was really hard to kill something in purpose. Poor Frogs, being killed and examined like that.

Moving on, So i was holding the frog,* i really really found it hard to hold a frog with ionly one leg!* and it jumped out of my hard, and it made me scream a little and received minus points for letting the for escape and screaming, * nice Going max* (HAHA) i was annoyed by the fact that i was shaking, and people who were watching me hold the frog noticed too that i was shaking. I was shaking allot! well let me clear my name, i aint afraid of no frog! (HAHA) well anyway

we were told to find the pithing point , that so called pithing point felt so soft when you touch it, but when we were about to stick the pithing needle in the frog, it really wasn't easy to penetrate the skin of a frog, while trying to stick the needle in the point, i overheard my classmates telling ther partners to roll it while pithing the frog and so i did, In just a few seconds we were able to pith it.

the frog was still moving even after it was paralyzed, well the frogs did not look like they were, they were still fighting back even though they were pinned down the dissecting tray, we really found it hard pinning our frog down, i still felt sad for it, and i was thinking of a way to pin him down the tray, we needed to pin its legs, even though it lacked one leg, we used the pithing needle as the pin.

when it was already pinned down, we were asked to remove its skin, we used the scissor to remove the skin, i found it really uncomfortable doing so, I imagined my self being dissected and ripped open like that, not a good scene! well anyway, we removed the skin and did it like how sir did :D after that we were told to cut the fleshy part that was hiding the organs, when we were going to the frog was still fighting for its life, rodel was telling the frog to behave :D how cool is that?
When we sliced the frog open the lungs went out of the hole and they looked like strawberries! We were co careful not to hit the lungs :D we waited until the frog exhaled after we cut out the other fleshy part :D after a few we were able to remove the fleshy parts :D and examined the organs of the frogs :D
we were complacent that we are able to identify what organs sir would point at, when we called sir, we were really confident that we could identify it all, when sir pointed at the organs we were panicking (HAHA) we got two organs wrong (haha) .... or more :D

after identifying the organs sir removed the organs and we were asked to clean it for preservation :D I told rodel to clean its organs , while i told myself to clean the body of the frog, while doing so, i was still shaking and it was really uncomfortable to hold a dead frog like it was still alive! well when i was washing it, it suddenly moved! I was so freaked out! how can some thing move when their organs skin and is also paralyzed move!!! no one told me its ganna when washing it! well anyway after washing it we placed the its organs and the for in our jar and placed a label on it :D

Our Findings: Frog internal organs are quite similar to those of a human, and the same systems of the organs. While a frog’s anatomy is not nearly as complicated as a human
The practice of frog dissection must be done routinely so we would examine the effects of diverse environmental concerns on the small creature.Pollution and climate changes affect these types of wildlife causing variations in water and flora conditions.

Frogs are extremely sensitive, so any differences show up quickly in their delicate forms, alerting scientists to potential risks.

Thats all :D hope you enjoyed reading our experience while disecting and our realizations after dissecting
i guess your wondering why I used "WE" to refer to my self :D you know why? of course you dont :P well i just tried it on :D

So okay its been really a long tym since i Blogged :D

so okay, right now im really not feeling fine. i have clogged nose at the same time uts running... and i also have this cough! head aches and body pains, and there are time i cant breathe due to... moving on :D

lemme see lemme see

Im ganna blog about our reco :D last wednesday september 23... I rode bus 10... its not a bus its actually a van but, we called it bus (HAHA) the only thing that i didint like about the ride on our way to the venue was when it ended! i got scolded by a certain teacher that i really dont like. i was blamed for the whole thing! they were the one who started bouncing in the car not me! GRRR well when we arrived in the venue tito obet wasnt there yet so we were allowed to go out and play :D the place is really neat! so green so freshh :D so cool :D uhmm after 15-30 mins... we were called back :D it was time to start the reco :D Hes really energetic and really Good on what he does :D IDOL :D heheh i want him to be our speaker in our retreat on our 4th year :D the payment for our reco was totally worth it :D :D on our way back ... we were singing and shouting and we were all so tired after that :D

Uhmmm FRiday :D september 25

we were required to wear Philippine attire . and barong was my attire :D i really look like im ganna go campaigning (HAha) well anyway :D we had a contest :D and me and pau WON :D YAY :D i want to post the pics :d but i dont have em yet, oh yah i failed quiz 2 and 3 in math... BUMMER! I MISS MY TCHERS :( I MISS MY BAON.... and oh yah ME AND HIME WENT HOME TOGETHER :D ....

moving on

these past few days i wasnt really feeling well, and im worried about those people who was affected bt the storm, no one really expected this, am i ryt? O.O' every one must be ready for the worst kase senario...

another thing... im still longing for my princess (TEARS) when will nxt time be? oh well i guess i have to wait, im good at it i guess ...

oh yah.... STILL NOT FEELING WELL ... i dont want to have cold anymore, :( i hate this

okay today is tuesday, 9/22/09
well :D me and Hime always talk during the morning before the bell rings, :D Hime tnx again for the visuals :D so okay :D in our room i just heard than "someone" printed the blog of anne, which contained things against some one, knowing that it contained things like that i looked for anne! well she wasnt there yet so i talked to dyan, and dyan was shocked to! .... and as well as czar and the others, well i am too, why would they print it? then again why would "she" blog it? blog is something open to everyone, and when your ganna print something from other people ask permission first, like what dyan did with my picture, she asked permisson first before printing, well anyway, being a person who likes hearing gossips (HAHA) i heard tha "she" mentioned "plurkers, cla wendang ate marga" okay so i didint hear mine being mentioned, :( joke i have a question... why mention other people? we understand you, but i dont understand why they... or we, are being included, well being a person who loves gossips, i might hear the wrong info, so i want to talk to you personally,


i was the only one willing to sing "happy birthday to sir marvin" ... they didint ride with me:( how sad :( (HAHA) HEY READ THIS " HINDUISMBUDDIISMO,HUDAISMO,KRISTYANISMO,SHINTOISMO,CONFUCIANISMO,TAOSIMO ISLAM AT IBA PANG RELIHIYON"

AP was next

sir glenn made us write something for strike revilla :D like haha okay, come to think of it who is the mayor of imus? (HAHA) oh well i didnt finish my letter :D

ate siomai :D

I just read the bible in front of the class and thats it... i just stayed quiet in my seat, not in the mood to do anything

tcher reminded us about a major offence .... so okay i just cleaned my blog :D
and I presented my oral comm properly :D YAY :D TNX HIME :D


I ate chicken and spent all my money... i guess i was in the mood to eat. :D
i was looking at this kid and i noticed hime standing behind the kid :D haha i was surprised :D

we took this quiz and i was totally empty :D i guess i only got 5 points in that quiz :D
i need speaker! my speaker got broke

my mood totally changed that time, i wanted to listen :P hahah wholesome!


well i didint listen to the new topic i was busy thinking of.... and i was also being ...... thats why i wasnt in the mood to listen and talk to anyone, but since i know how to hide what i feel i kept looking at chin's notebook.... (HAHA)


WOW i really want to post every write up in RHGP when i get em back :D

--------------CLASSES ENDED-------------

took my time getting my things inside the locker :D and when i was already down stairs i heard the gossip, and i was really suprised that she emntioned names, oh well, i went out and was off to or house :D oh yah i have weights in my room, and a big punching bag and a bubble :D wow :D

and now im in my room blogging .... feeling down and stuff ... ;( :(

thats it, im done ...

untill next time

every second makes me miss hime even more :( and guess what there are 60 seconds every minute and there are 60 minutes every hour...... I REALLY REALLY MISS HIME :(
so today seems to be a good day for blogging :P, uhmm its 10 pm in the evening got home at 8:30 something! i went to paolo estaura's house, well i stayed there after knowing that there were no one in our house! i called jp and pao for a game :D we played war chasers (HAHA) we did not notice the 2 hours fly by! we were totally shocked after knowing that it was already time! well after the game, i went back to pao's house and ate dinner there :D haha well anyway after the dinner i went home :P no one seems to be online, so tada im now blogging :D even though my sister told me to do something for her, another 50 paper bags with things in it, oh well :P

so yah! i'll skip the waking up part, its stupid (HAHA), well anyway the rooms in the hs building is locked in the morning, yet again! so i placed my bags in the fleming classroom :D hehe :P and i went down to look for someone to talk to :D i was able to find someone to talk to, and after a few i saw Earvin and he told me that hime was there already and i was totally surprised, she went to school early :D (cozy) we played patapon :D shes better than me... oh well (HAHA), we were hiding the psp from every teacher that passes by (HAha) and i said hi to almost all of them! (HAHA) then the bell rang and we went our different ways :(

well anyway :(

since our symposium is scheduled early morning to until the afternoon we had an early break :D
i did not eat anything just spent my time in the covered court wonderin where the 3rdyear students were, after a few they were on their way to the old lobby, i was looking for hime :D i wanted to tell her to enjoy:D , and i did saw hime and told her to enjoy :D after that it was already time to go up :D

i really dont like it when people complain about the heat even thought they are wearing their jacket! i really got pissed! hello? your wearing a jacket! dont wear that jacket if your ganna complain about the heat! jackets are made for people to wear them when their feeling cold! their not made for people just to look cool! cool people dont need jacket to prove their cool! cool people would look cool without any jacket! if your uncool, nothing you wear will help! keep that in mind! pls!

the symposium is about proper attitude towards the use of gadgets : the guest speaker is miss.may the same speaker in our reco last year, well anyway last year was kinda boring, this year's symposium was boring! paula caryl and I entertained ourselves (HAHA)

we missed our filipino class! we were really lookin forward to our fil class since it was sir marvin's burdei! HABURDEI SIR MARVIN! :D mendel loves you :D we hope you enjoyed the cake :D even thought we disturbed you during your sleep in the nook :D we cant sing at the top of our voices in the nook, other teachers might complain and classes disturbed :D well anyway HABURDEI SIR!

after the symposium, it was lunch break, before our lunch break sir glenn told us he was pround of us :D yay :D GO MENDEL! (YAHOO)

during lunch break i ate with paula, caryl, wendang and many more :D

after lunch break it was tle :D since sir reymer is with his team :D we did not do anything :D we enjoyed ur free time :D so cool (HAHA) we talked about people we dont like , what we thought about things and all :D (HAHA)

well tle was over and math was our 1ST SUBJECT! and its the 2ND to the LAST subject!(HAHA) well i really feel bad :( i failed the 3rd quiz in math :( i passed the 1st 2 quizzes and failed the 3rd one :( i really wanted to pass them all :( so sad :( i really wanted to pass it! i thought quadratic formula was easy [ -b plus minus square root of (b)^2-4ac over 2 a] i was wrong! and i thought completing the squares was easy too [(b/2)^2}\]... well anyway its was really hard!

after that it was pe, sir ryan subbed, our quiz that was scheduled on 16 was supposed to be given to us today, and it got moved again (HAHA) its now scheduled next friday! (HAHA) we had fun, then dissmisal came :D

roentgen students got reunited, well some of us, :P today is the day when our plan has totally pushed through! (HAHA)

well i hate it that dad came late! it was already 5:30 when he picked us up, i told hime to go since it was already late, after a few dad came and we were on our way home, and along the way i told dad to stop the car :D and i went down :D (HAHA) dad did not told me that there was no one at home! we found that the hard way! well when we reached our house, we walked to hime's house well some where near their house : and i told hime id go to someones else house, and so i did i called paolo out to play and we did , then it was time then, oh yah me and paolo had a race :D I won :d (HAHA) then we are at their place :D (HAHA) i ate only a few :D i didint want to eat like i usually do in forn of them (HAHA) i might finish all of their food (HAHA) in fairness the adobo was really good :D after that i went home :D (HAHA) hit and run?!

haha and when i got here i ate :D (HAHA) did my chores and all, :( MMM! :( wrar i did not get to catch hime online :(

oh yah i got 140 load back, it was supposed to be 160 but ow well :D its still my load :D

its already 11:50 10 mins until good morning :( im sleepy i think i wont make it to VB again.... (wave) :(
When the time comes
when the time comes, that i would own my own house id llike to have a small room, in that room ill place nothing, not even an outlet, that room would be totally empty... just the walls and the cieling, this room would be a room only for me. That room would be the room where ill release what ever i feel. Id lock my self inside the room until im okay. Even if it means staying in that room for days, without food, water company and even light. Id stay quiet when ever ill be angry, i wont say anything bad or show any violence i;d just keep quiet. Id keep these burden bottled up in me, i know it would be hard and painfull but as long as i dont show any emotions i know it would be worth it , And if i were sad id use that room to be an instrument for self realizations, i'd need totall silence, i need no light to see, it would only be me, the room and its darkness

why would i need this room? If i have my beloved princess always there willling to comfort me and guide me? I dont need this room. I got you, I need you, I love you
EARTH TO MAX! Max hasnt been his self lately! welly anyway its been a while since i last posted a new blog :D and my most recent post was posted by mistake so i just deleted it so anyway :D EARTH TO MAX! I was like a kid earlier, really (HAHA) I know its not appropriate for a big guy like me to act like a kid, considering my age as another factor (HAHA) well anyways it was fun. one thing I know I'll miss :P I only have 4 years of being a teen left. I time real fast! it was like it was graduation the other day then the other we were on 1st year then the vacation then 2nd year and its really really fast, we only have 5 weeks until the perio starts! like that fast! *radom thought*

if i could go back time i would do the following: change my study habits, continue reading the bibble, take the sci math during summer vaction,i'd pushed "SOMEONE" to his doom during our retreat,*still missing sir mark* should have texted or called sir mark everyday until he left :( *he told be he will feel bad if i didnt*, i really should have told hime what i really felt earlier, I would fix my attitude * I'll try* :D ,continued TKD, i would not give all those gifts to my friend, I would stop my self from doing what i did that caused akwardness between us :( :( stupid me :( :( (TEARS)

well anyway, i would really go back in time to change all these things even if it means doing every thing over again, feeling the pain again, bearing them alone,


well i really hate our gay teacher! and i know he knows i hate her! well i really dont care, i just wonder who told him that? oh well I know he wants to fail me, i know he hates me too, well i really dont care about that faggot! if your going to leave DLA next year, why not do it now! as if we will miss you! i know you cant leave DLA because you like looking at your students! we all hate you! even if they participate in your class we still hate you! and By the way, we know you wear make up! and eeew! really eewwww! pls leave our school before i do something bad!


well anyway i decided to blogg what a feel about someone, i wont mention her name or anything and i wont mention that we were really really close to each other, ooops.. haha (HAHA) oh well , we were close to each other we knew every thing about each other we like talking, well anyway everything changed, firstly it was about the service, we werent in the same service anymore, so our plans with another close friend of mine to go to 711 together during palaro was ruined! well anyway, she said something i really really did not like! it was about me and hime, well i actually understand her for telling others that, since she was no idea whats happenin well anyway, I really did not like what she did, and so i confronted her, so know no talking not even eye contact, as if i care! from the begging she didint like me having friends from the uper classes, she was against it, well anyway i really dont feel like something is missing with her out of my system, so she is no loss for me, but if she wants to be friends with me she goes first, what she did is not right no matter what side you look at it,

Moving on!

hmmm oh yah i have these pins on my id holder and they are really cute and wendang and francine wants it (HAHA) i was like no way! :P OH YAH! SPECIAL TNX FOR IVAN! :D thank you very much for announcing that you found a pin :D tnx :D :D oh yah francine still has the bracelet i gave to her :D i was like so happy to know that she actually has it and still using it :D

Moving on!

Uhmm :D oh yah! i have new bestfriends :D I HOPE :D well i really enjoy hangin out with PAULA, CARYL and WENDANG :D spendin our free time together, lunch and recess :D we all get along like siblings, :D we enjoy talking (HAHA) we enjoy laughing and gossiping haha joke :D :D


I hate it when people tell you to back of and tell you to not shouw your face to them well its impossibe, we are schoolmates! well anyway i dont like how he looks at me, and he even pointed at me, i dont like him txting me, even if i dont read em, if he catches me in a bad mood i'd tottally reply , well anyway i dont like him :P

Spending my mornings with the 3rd years is fun :D hangin out with people around my age :D she should have been my batch mates, DLA i still hate you for that! :P even if we im just a 2nd year i like spenind my time with upper and lower classmen :D ESPECIALY WHEN IM WITH HIME :D i'd leave anyone even if i was talking to them for HIME :D even if your my best friend hahah ----->MEAN<----- hahaha I enjoy spendin our mornings together , and out lunch time even if its just for a few, i'd still like to spend it with yah :D (cozy)

Do i still have anything to say? do I?

we have like 5 assignments (HAHA) and our project in TLE will be checkd tomorrow, i just brought home some of my assignments home, the others would be done in school! and oh yah i wont pass my project in CLVE! i hate him so much!

OH YAH IM REALLY THANKFUL THAT I PASSED FIL, MATH,BIO, what would be my grade in ELA and AP!? :( i should have studied :( oh well :D



HAPPY HAPPY :D (9/5/09)
Yesterday was a very memorable day :D . We celebrated the following: Hiko's Birthday(8,29,09) Hime's Birthday (8,30,09) and Hiko and Hime's day (6) *today is our birthday!* :D you'd probably wonder why we celebrated our birthdays on 5. We celebrated it yesterday since it did not get a change to have our celebration last week.

So anyways i'll start with what i remember. (HAHA) I woke up at 5 *excited much* even though i slept 12 in the morning, and after an hour dad woke me up and asked me if my date will push through even thou there is a storm, and i said yes :P and i tried to sleep again and every 5 minutes i'll wake up *excited much!!* and when it was 9 i stood up and looked at my mirror (Haha) at i went to the cr and washed my face :P *metro* (HAHA)!

i drank 2 glasses of milk followed by 3 glasses of water :D after that i really felt like using the cr (HAHA) and after that i turned on my loptop * it is mine now! haha i have my files in it pls oh pls dont take this loptop away from me* and checked my plurk fb and blogger :D and i read the new bleach chapter after that it was 10 :D I took a bath :D **FRESH** :D then i brushed my teeth :D and cleaned my braces :D *without having bfast:D* and after that dad asked me to go out and buy dog food for a while and i did without any resistance (HAHA) when i got back dad told me to eat my lunch , i ate like 2 servings of spaghetti on a saucer :P after that i drank 2 glasses of water again :D then i went out and went to ministop

I was already there when it was 11:30 i bought halls :D yet again :D when it was already 12 i texted hime and i made a miss call :D and after a few a few hime was there :D i saw that hime cant open the door and i stood up and went out side :D and thus we were together :D

the first thing i told her "where would be catch a ride" like i was totally serious and i totally had no idea, i know how to get there if i only knew how to drive. * can i already apply for a student driver's lisence?* so anyway we rode a green cab to sm that was supposedly to camella only the green cab did not stop! so anyway we rode a gold cab? to ATC, i did not know that alabang and alabang town center was different! (HAHA) stupid me (HAHA) so anyway :P we got wet in the gold cab, i gave hime my extra handkerchief * for metro purposes *

when we reached ATC I told hime that i really needed to use the cr (HAHA) it was because when i left i drank a whole pitcher of water :D after that we roamed around atc looking for a place to eat :D every dinner i saw i'd ask hime if she wanted to eat there :D i asked hime if hime wanted to eat at figaro, TGI fridays and more :D i was hungry and i really wanted to eat (HAHA) and i asked hime if she wanted shakeys and she said she like pizza :D nad i said lets go, when we were there we like have to w8 for a table and we decided not to eat there, Hime said yellow cab and i totally agreed :D heheh we orderd the NYF 10" :D and they told us that we'll wait for 15 mins untill its ready :D we roamed around and round then we went up stairs then roamed again then went down and roamed again :D and we went back to yellow cab an got our order :D so next stop was the movies :D

we went to where the movie tickets can be bought i asked hime what movie hime would like to watch and i told her that i watched all their trailers so i would like to watch anyone of the movies except FD :P i want to watch the movies 1-3 before i'll watch the 4th :D :D so we decided to watch up :D :D we had to w8 for like 30 mins before the movie starts ... we bought pop corn and root beer float :D and we like sat and talked to each other while waiting for the movie to start :D

after a few we entered the cinema :D and waited for the movie to start :D the mini clip was so cool and so funny :D UP was really funny and really Cool :D and really sad at the same time really entertaining :D we ate pizza drank our root beer float ate the pop corn :D we laughed together and we were really enjoying the movie :D and we were enjoying the presence of each other :D after the movie we finished the pizza and we did not finish the pop corn:D it was so big :D

after the went to the activity area and we noticed that there was so many people! like we decided not to watch anymore :D (HAHA) we just roamed around again :D i bought a cool name tag for hime :D hehe and we roamed around in national book store and hime told me hime needed to use the cr :D and so hime did :D, after that we went in a gift shop :D i know that hime likes spongebob:D hehe so i bought her sponge bob and i bought doraemon bread thingy and cute pins for us :D then we went to national again :D we bought a pocket notebook for me :D i really want to write every idea that comes to me :D (HAHA) even if i wont understand it afterwards :D (HAHA) :D

after that we roamed again and i told hime that i want ice cream so we set course to dairy Queen and when we were near the were so many people and hime told me stop and we did not continue to go to dairy queen and i was like okay :D on our way back i saw are edree and pao :D they decided not to watch anymore too :D haha they were ganna eat instead of watching the show :D

it was gettin late and we went outside and like got in a van :D the traffic was so heavy! there was like somany people because of the show! oh well :D :P we had fun:D when in the van we were the only ones talking haha they were all quiet (HAHA) when we reached mini stop i told hime icecream :D haha and so we bought ice cream and we went home :D

I'm so happy because we got to celebrate our day together :D and im so glad we enjoyed our day :D

i was like able to spend 1800 :D pesos :D haha


I really hate it when people make me shout! i hate thenm even more for making me shout while having this sore throat! i hate my siblings! for making me shout! i hate my siblings for shouting at me! ... well im here in my room, on my bed blogging and alone in the dark, wasnt able to sleep due to the same thoughts that makes me .... so yah, i really need sleep... stupid net so slow! it took me 10 mins to load blogger alone!

How come there isnt a single day in my life that im happy all throughout the day? I hate it! every time! there is always something or someone that ruins my day!

not in the mood.... this would be my blogg for today
current status
well i hate my current physical status, im now 74kg again. The trip to baguio and the trip to la union, was very filling! sheesh this is now the result of eating too much. and oh yah augusts' 29 30 31 was very filling too... we are at joey peperoni on 29 :D and then we ate lunch and dinner in cainta rizal on 30 then! we ate at fort and in teriyaki boy on 31... anyway

the skin on my shoulder is really really dry and it really hurts and it stings when its wet.... i hate having dry skin especially if my face is dry... i feel so uncomfortable, i applied moisturizer and it felt good and after a few it was dryer it hurts so much! i want it off any suggestions???

and i have like zitz again! i really dont want these trips again... if ever we'll have trips, i want to take a bath every 2-4 hours its so hot outside! plus we'd do walking that would make me sweat, and i sweat alot! every time i go out my hanky can be squeezed because its so wet! i really dont want day trips it would make me oily and things... hate zitz!

and i have sore throat... sheesh ut hurts alot i wont eat for a while plus i wont drink really really cold watter :(

oh yah... falling hair dehn!? i noticed that my hair is falling! how come?! i shampoo naman... wrar!

oh well