This is how i do
after so long, I've finally decided to blog again, i wonder why... maybe its because of the examination week and i guess i really dont want to study yet. so i guess I'll just blog for the mean time...

share... "everything happens for a reason" well that syaing or "quote" is stuck in my head, well i guess i wont get rid of it because its so true, well i really cant explain it, but its really true

okay enough about that, about my plurk that i have a reason why i walk even though its hot or even if its dark already even if i walk alone and even if i walk in a group, well i really do, im the type of guy that doesn't show his emotions... well true emotions. anyway i walk because i need things off my system... i walk it of! and sometimes i breathe it off... well how would i say this? I've been really sad these couple of days... and i guess i really would want this pain go away... i cant handle it, i might loose it and go berserk on someone, oh yeah i actually did go berserk on someone, but i had a reason. oh well i wont share what happend between me and jen.

anyway i'll go study, since i cant walk this off i guess i'd just breathe it off... im still so sad... :(

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