i cant sleep,
well here i am, blogging, its december 26,2009 and its 2:24 on my loptop and on my digital clock its 2:52 and the time on my cellphone is the same with the time with my loptop, well its the same because i threw my phone on the bed with so much power that the battery and the simcard were removed, well i guess i really coudnt take the fact that her cellphone was turned off. okay well have to cut that there for now...

where should i start? okay, i guess i'll start from the Christmas party last december 18. well as usual i dont bring anyfood to school gatherings like parties and gatherings like this but this time i bought spoon and forks :D so i woudnt have to bring a container with me during the my date with hime after the party, well my dad woke me up 5 in the morning, and i was really bummed that he woke me so early while the party doesnt start until 7, and i was waiting for my service for like and hour and 30 mins! the service came around 6:30, that pissed me off, i slept late that day! and i got up early too, thats not good! during the trip to school i slept, and i dont care what they would say or think

during the party we mendel students were having fun , really especially them games where we really needed team work and creativity! well i guess you could see some pictures in facebook. i asked some pics to be removed because it really is not appropriate to be posted publicly. well after that we exchanged gifts and i got a usb flash drive 2G! tnx argie! anyway it took us until 12 to finish the party but it was supposed to end at 11, i guess they really coudnt leave each other...

after the party i saw hime, :D she was wearing a cute outfit :D it was brown :D well i was wearing a brown shirt and we both looked good together, well even if we were wearing different clothes on that time, we'd still look good together. anyway, we went out and got on a "van" well it was really a van :D after such a long time me and hime got the chance to spend time with each other. it was nirvana :D oh yeah we were heading to alabang town center, i guess we missed having to go out :D anyway we checked if we are able to watch the movies, but i guess time is in the way again, so yah we did not watch the movies instead we went to get ice cream :D dairy queen and i learned that if the blizzard is not steady its for free :D and i was shocked after knowing that, haha well while we were eating we were discussing what to do since we cant watch a movie because of time, we decided to go to festival mall :D and yah :D we went to atc just to eat ice cream :D well there is a dairy queen in festi (hahA) so yah ... well in festival mall we roamed around :D and around
and we looked for gifts for mikee iison and hime :D , well at first i really did not wanted to buy the ryuk doll because of its eyes... poor ryuk, well after having to think about it for so long we decided to take ryuk with us, and we also bought a barney bag for iison... well share, i knew that hime liked this bag from art work and well i guess i teased her about liking it and i went too far, on our way home, hime fell asleep on my shoulder :D hehe so cute :D anyway after the ride from festival mall to pag asa, hime and i rode a tricycle and thats were i gave the shirt i made for her :D well our day did not end because of what i did, the tease part... im still sorry for that

well i knew how she really liked it and i know i made her sad by teasing her and all,
so the next day i made a plan, i planned that i'll go to festival mall buy the jacket and then leave , then i was really wondering how i would give it to her, well i thought about not going too because there is a chance that it wouldnt be there anymore. well anyway the next day, i prepared my self for a journey

i guess i left our house after lunch? or was it right after late breakfast? haha nyway :D i left the house, and well guess what it was hot that day and i acually planned to walk to where the jeeps are available but i guess i got lazy and took the tricycle and that costs 20 pesos, i went down when I reached 7-11 and i told my self i'll walk to the station knowing that it would be near. well i was wrong, really wrong, well in fact i was dead wrong! it was so hot, and i should have took the jeep it would have only cost me 6 or 7 pesos, well stupid me (haha) i really do make bad decisions when im alone anyway when i reached the station and got on the "van" but it was really an "l300" it was clearly "L300"! anyway since i was alone i sat at the corner and i was blankly staring at ... something? haha i guess i was daydreaming again :D anyway after some passengers got down i was still daydreaming i guess, the driver looked at me and asked me "festi?" and i said "yah festi" then he looked out side and said "festival mall" and i looked outside an it was festival mall already. that as so embarrassing! and i was like! did that really happen , after a few i laughed at myself because it was really stupid of me! haha thats what i get for day dreaming. and oh yah i almost forgot :D its my first time to commute alone! so cool :D

when i was in side festival mall the first thing that popped in my head was to roam the mall, well it has been a long time since i last went to festival mall :D and it was my first time to actually go to a mall alone :D with personal intentions! i went to the 3-4 th floor knowing that artwork is located at the 1st floor :D haha well anyway while i was roaming i reached a dead end , since i idid not want to look like a kid whose lost, i bought shawarma! haha i was roaming with a shawarma in my hand, and entered toms world just to eat! ahaha

anyway after eating i went down and i got lost (haha) thats what ia get for roaming around (haha) after 5-10 mins i found artwork and bought the jacket :D well before i payed for it i asked for a new stock of the same jacket, well the person in charge told me that it was available in small and medium and she asked me if i wanted to try it on. and i was like puzzed upon hearing that! haha its not for me (haha) anyway i asked the cashier lady if they had paper bag and she told me their poor, and i was like for real? (haha)

anyway after that i was ready to go home , but i decided to have a gift for my self :D i bought ice cream for me :D Hehe anyway i rode the "van" again but its actually just "l300" haha anyway while iw as in the L300 i overheard othe other passengers talking about load , the girl in front of me asked the girl beside her if she had extra load, well i was looking for load too, luckily there was some one who in the L300 who owns a loading station, how convenient ryt haha .... ********* OH YAH I FELL ASLEEP WHILE I WAS MAKING THIS PARAGRAPH*********

time check its 10:41 in my loptop and its 10:45 on my digital clock
after the that i told hime that i have something for her , i described it i said " pampainet sya pero ndi syapede sa ref, pag linagay mo sa ref baka kung ano manyari, pag pinainit mo naman baka masira" and i said something about the wrapper (haha) well i guess i really confused them , lil sis and hime ... they both thought it was food because of my description well anyway if i were them and if they described it like that i'd think it is food too! haha

*** its 2:45 here in the shop, i ate took a bath and now im here at the shop, ***
so where was i? oh yah, i delivered the package the following day i walked there carrying my bag , well i drizzled... i got wet and well it was worth it (haha) mikee really thought it was food she thought it was a cake! haha anyway when i go back lil mikee told me that she already saw it :D me and hime got to talk to each other and we said thank you to each other and "the i love you"s haha :D cool :D

okay uhmmm enough about that

i still have more to blogg and im still not half way through it, well i really hated the events on 24-25... and yes i hated my christmas! i hated it because we went to rizal so late... we were so late that we missed the misa de galo! i was like, whats the use of completing the simbang gabe of i'd miss misa de galo!? i was so annoyed knowing that i missed it when we got there... i feel like mg effort from the 1st day of simbang gabe to the last was really really wasted,

another thing that i really disliked about 24, we were on rush! we had so many things to do... why weren't they done earlier,... tss oh well moving on. when we were already there in rizal and my cousins just got home from the mass, the first thing that my cousins did was laugh about what happened to me during the sembreak, damn them, when they saw me , they laughed right away and i was like oh crap they are laughing about what happened , i was so annoyed, they made me remember something that made me stay up for days! after a few one of my cousins who is a member of tao gama came to me and was pissed of about me being beaten, i was telling my self that yes i know i could have beaten them up one by one but hime was there with me eh, well dad's ganna buy me a pepper spray... i'd prefer 4 fingers... haha anyway pepper spray is good too, oh well i'll just forget about that ... i cant... they made me remember that my ego has been stepped on by a group of stupid lowlifes! ... actually my ego has been stepped on by lowlives twice this year.... moving on

well after notche buena, i almost threw up and one of my cousins asked me? "bulimic ka?" i researched and yes i'am ... :( wow i never thought that i had a disorder like this one... well share
bulimia nervosa is the opposite of anorexia nervosa,

okay so im lost... its 5 un the morning. uhmm its december 27.... no sleep again. O.o well anyway after the notche buena we opened gifts and well this is the only christmas where i did not receive any big amount of money.... i barely got 1k... O.O i hate this christmas, well anyway i got my vid cam... after that i stayed with my cousins which is in the same age as i am we watched "orphan" and i was freaked out! i blame the camera man for this! anyway after that i slept, then i woke up after a few... it was cold in their room,

i'll skip, some details i really want sleep, when we were on our way home we stopped by meralco and i stayed in the van... alone, singing ... i guess i really needed time alone since i know that i was being harsh again,... :( anyway i stayed in the car for about an hour alone... then when they were in the car they decided to go to moa and i was like.... whats wrong with you people!? well i had no choice but to go along with them... i was really pissed because i really dont like having stops during trips! after that we went home and they were discussing about how my brother will go with my sister and brother in law to baguio, well i was really pissed to know that my brother was going to baguio and meet our cousins, well.... i really wanted to go too i was really pissed and i was going to blogg about it but sadly i fell asleep and thus continued blogging in the morning and then i was asked to stay in the shop and tada this is me ryt now still blogging,,, and now im off .... i want to sleep na... (Wave)

This is how i do
after so long, I've finally decided to blog again, i wonder why... maybe its because of the examination week and i guess i really dont want to study yet. so i guess I'll just blog for the mean time...

share... "everything happens for a reason" well that syaing or "quote" is stuck in my head, well i guess i wont get rid of it because its so true, well i really cant explain it, but its really true

okay enough about that, about my plurk that i have a reason why i walk even though its hot or even if its dark already even if i walk alone and even if i walk in a group, well i really do, im the type of guy that doesn't show his emotions... well true emotions. anyway i walk because i need things off my system... i walk it of! and sometimes i breathe it off... well how would i say this? I've been really sad these couple of days... and i guess i really would want this pain go away... i cant handle it, i might loose it and go berserk on someone, oh yeah i actually did go berserk on someone, but i had a reason. oh well i wont share what happend between me and jen.

anyway i'll go study, since i cant walk this off i guess i'd just breathe it off... im still so sad... :(