Grow Up
Today is definitely not my day. I woke up not feeling well and my eyes looked bad my toe still has a wound. and yes i wore my shoes with a wound, my socks had blood on it. anyway this morning i only ate a few since i wasn't feeling well, got on the service and reviewed for a while and since i wasn't feeling well i stopped after a few, well anyway when we got to school and saw "a friend" and reminded me that we need a calculator and i totally forgot that i was going to bring mine me and a " friend" was looking for an upper class man well anyway i borrowed from "an upper class man" and my "friend" borrowed from one of my "close friends", me and a"close friend" of mine talked to each other, we like talking, obviously . well anyway we waited in the lobby for my beloved princess and while we were waiting for my princess, there were upperclassmen passing by and there was one of them who kicked me on purpose he said "sorry" i know it was on purpose the look on his face told me that. well i told my"close friend" to stop me from doing something i really would regret, and my"close friend" did stop me and was able to make me laugh. moving on i'll skip the exams parts it was hard oh well

dismissal time and i went down with my legs shaking and i was really feeling weak, well we waited for my princess. while doing so i felt more weak. when she got down we got up and was ready to leave , but i could not do so since i did not have a gate pas and there was no service available to be my excuse well anyway after a few the service came and i went out and caught up with them. well they decided to walk we like walking too, well anyway while we were walking there was a bunch upperclassmen riding a tricycle and one of them shouted, i got pissed and shouted back. i got pissed because i wasn't doing anything to him and he'll shout at me? whats his problem? when we about to reach the gate i saw the upperclassmen waiting for me to go there. and when we got there the one who shouted at us asked me why i answered back, i told him that you shouted, and an exchange of words happened and he pushed me and i was really really lost it that i almost hit him , good thing there was an even higher class man with us and stopped the commotion, and there were also people in the bunch that was stopping me from fighting back and some off them were saying something bad about our batch and all...

right now, i still don't feel good, i haven't eaten anything and I'm in no mood to study ... my princess did not like what i did, and i 'm so stupid for fighting back,

well all i want to say is that he needs to grow up. and its not nice to gang up on someone... its a big NO NO, whats your prob anyway?

i cant think of a title...
Blog Blog Blog... wow their is nothing to blog about, but why am i? oh well i must be really bored, why dont i study for the exams? Im not In the Right mood to study. Why arent I? lets see... Im in the verge of breaking down because i really miss hime :'( cant think straight these previous days and weeks. its been how long since... oh well good things happen to those who wait... i need and want nirvana.

Im currently experiencing body pains... my arms have been in pain for days now, my legs toomaybe its because i lack exercise. There are times that my chest is in pain, maybe its emotional pain! (HAHA) anyway i've decided that i'll continue my traning In TKD and In VB and i think i'll talk to sir ryan about the dance club, :( second thoughts... :'( how about our time? :( oh well enough of that

I just realized that not everyone in mendel feels each other, why do we eat in different groups? dont we accept each other? i can go along anyone in side our class, call me plastic i dont mind! ... well i really dont like some people in mendel but I TRY to be their friends! oh well I really dont have anything to say about it really, its just that mendel is not united as one... if ever there were a conflict from another group to another it would really separate us from them...

... :( i cant put thoughts into words :( (TEARS)

uhmmm friends.... i have lots of them.... can i name them? well not all of them there are so many... how bout close friends? i can name them... uhmm HIME :D we are really really close :D hahah :D uhmm there is sempai, paolo e and fernette their like my child hood friends :D well they are :D there is paolo m hes a best friend of mine :D and ooh :D dang carly and paula :D their are new close friends of mine :D even though dang and i have quarrels from time to time , czar is a close friend i come to her when there is something bothering me about... :D haha, there is seth and grench :D anne and and?? wow i have lots of friends but i dont have much close friends...

parents? my mom and dad is very strict and therefore doesn't understand me. sister? shes very bossy, and very lazy a good leader is a good follower well shes neither! brother? hes very mean he'll come to me when he needs me and when i need him he just disses me and gets mad at me sheesh! my lil sister? shes spoiled! and she thinks shes in control, if she wants something she wants it and will do anything to get it. what a family...

Reaction Paper For Bio :D
(10/6/09) *Date of our disection* :D

well i panicked because of the fact that we really didint have a frog. well good thing there was a school personnel selling frogs for dissection. I was really happy to know that they were still available :D well anyway, i was really glad that we have a frog and i felt completely lax knowing our frog was with us already,

Bio time :D
Well i borrowed a lab gown , pair of gloves and a mask, dont worry they are all unused well of course except for the lab gown, :D well anyway :D *sir pls dont take away my points* hehe when we got in the lab i asked rodel where he placed our frog, and he told me ivan had it, well i approached ivan and asked him where the frog was, ivan told me to reach in his container, well i did, i really freaked out because it is my first time to actually hold a frog, and its kinda frightening to hold it because it might get out of the container and actually escape, and me shouting like a total loser, a big no no! I faced the fact that i'll have to hold it sooner or later anywas. and so i grabbed our frog and noticed it has only 3 legs...

I feel sorry for our frog, it musta been so hard living with a defect like that, i felt bad because it already has a missing leg and the fact that we were going to kill it, i told my self, can i really do this?, it was really hard to kill something in purpose. Poor Frogs, being killed and examined like that.

Moving on, So i was holding the frog,* i really really found it hard to hold a frog with ionly one leg!* and it jumped out of my hard, and it made me scream a little and received minus points for letting the for escape and screaming, * nice Going max* (HAHA) i was annoyed by the fact that i was shaking, and people who were watching me hold the frog noticed too that i was shaking. I was shaking allot! well let me clear my name, i aint afraid of no frog! (HAHA) well anyway

we were told to find the pithing point , that so called pithing point felt so soft when you touch it, but when we were about to stick the pithing needle in the frog, it really wasn't easy to penetrate the skin of a frog, while trying to stick the needle in the point, i overheard my classmates telling ther partners to roll it while pithing the frog and so i did, In just a few seconds we were able to pith it.

the frog was still moving even after it was paralyzed, well the frogs did not look like they were, they were still fighting back even though they were pinned down the dissecting tray, we really found it hard pinning our frog down, i still felt sad for it, and i was thinking of a way to pin him down the tray, we needed to pin its legs, even though it lacked one leg, we used the pithing needle as the pin.

when it was already pinned down, we were asked to remove its skin, we used the scissor to remove the skin, i found it really uncomfortable doing so, I imagined my self being dissected and ripped open like that, not a good scene! well anyway, we removed the skin and did it like how sir did :D after that we were told to cut the fleshy part that was hiding the organs, when we were going to the frog was still fighting for its life, rodel was telling the frog to behave :D how cool is that?
When we sliced the frog open the lungs went out of the hole and they looked like strawberries! We were co careful not to hit the lungs :D we waited until the frog exhaled after we cut out the other fleshy part :D after a few we were able to remove the fleshy parts :D and examined the organs of the frogs :D
we were complacent that we are able to identify what organs sir would point at, when we called sir, we were really confident that we could identify it all, when sir pointed at the organs we were panicking (HAHA) we got two organs wrong (haha) .... or more :D

after identifying the organs sir removed the organs and we were asked to clean it for preservation :D I told rodel to clean its organs , while i told myself to clean the body of the frog, while doing so, i was still shaking and it was really uncomfortable to hold a dead frog like it was still alive! well when i was washing it, it suddenly moved! I was so freaked out! how can some thing move when their organs skin and is also paralyzed move!!! no one told me its ganna when washing it! well anyway after washing it we placed the its organs and the for in our jar and placed a label on it :D

Our Findings: Frog internal organs are quite similar to those of a human, and the same systems of the organs. While a frog’s anatomy is not nearly as complicated as a human
The practice of frog dissection must be done routinely so we would examine the effects of diverse environmental concerns on the small creature.Pollution and climate changes affect these types of wildlife causing variations in water and flora conditions.

Frogs are extremely sensitive, so any differences show up quickly in their delicate forms, alerting scientists to potential risks.

Thats all :D hope you enjoyed reading our experience while disecting and our realizations after dissecting