AUG 29,2009. well i was looking forward to this day since its my 15th birthday.

first of all im sad, im really really sad that my day with hime did not came to be. I told her i'll be with her this weekend since we missed our nirvana after the exams. I just said to my self i deserve this for what i have done, this is just karma, when i said that to my self i could hardly breathe. "well max ha burdei" when i said that to my self i really wanted to cry that time, i just laughed to hide what i felt... i just told her "if ever we can go out on monday lets go out"

Secondly i hate my family for what they say about "US" its my day and you keep insulting me like that? sheesh! and you guys wonder why im like this! Im a HUMAN BEING! I have feelings! sheesh! you know that i have a problem well thats good, but when you guys give advices... im actually offended and insulted by what you guys say! hello! earth to my family, wake up! your not helping me at all!

thirdly... well is my birthday ryt? we went to sm south mall and what did i get? tada! I get a big.... well i got nothing... I hate them for being cheepstakes! they bought me a FAKE phone for my birthday! fake one! that hit me hard! how come i get a fake one?! the real i phone is expensive?? its my birthday...... it comes once every year... ryt? dad bought 2 cars... 2 cars ah... not brand new and its second hand but,.... dude 2 new cars? where will they park it?! and plus who needs 4 cars? and oh yah dad came home with 2 notebooks and this loptop, ... all in all we have 3 notebooks 2 loptops and 1 pc... all in all 6... the net would be such a pain if we used it all at the same time, anyway! i gave my fake i phone back to them, i really did not care about how they felt!... dad also bought a new tv, and a matching surround sound system. and all hey gave me was 2k... after receiving a fake i phone..... they just gave me 2k, another hard hit! i told them i'll treat 10 friends... yet they were really about to give me 2k... well i was really ganna treat 5, but i told them i canceled it because i'd want it to be me and hime only.
any way.... dad bought 2 new cars, 1 loptop and 2 notebooks, and tv and surround sound system, and many more, and here is what i get for my birthday a fake phone which i gave back to them and 2k.... like what the hell? how come i only get 2k? and how come i get a fake i phone?

anyway i wasnt able to stop my tears from sheding... i really didint enjoy this day, i just hope Hime enjoys her birthday...

well anyway tnx for the following people who greeted: Miguel Javier, Carly Flores, Annaflor Sagum, Adrienne Villianueva, Didi Mc Call Reprado, Patricia Reyes, Wensly Vilches, Karyl Gatan, Denise Alcausine, Angelica Dayot, "09163732810" , Paula Victoriano, Ivy Llanera, kaburdei, judaime, chibi, RY, Anne Almeda, Sheena Cortez, Kristan Acedera, Agy Nugid, Jenica, Catherine Sicadsicad, Jeremy Deleon, Dyan Cueto, Czarine Reyes, Earvin Sabado, Pajee Lozada...

special tnx For Hime:D for the 1st one to greet me during my birthday


How Stupid am i?
How stupid of me for having done something like that?
How stupid of me for not knowing what to do?
How stupid of me for making a mark on somewhere every visible?
How stupid of me for even making a mark?
How stupid of me for having me make my mark on my...?
How stupid of me for loosing what i used to make my mark?
How stupid of me to actually ignore what i said to my self years ago?
How stupid of me for loosing my light?
How stupid of me for having me self throw up without anything in my stomach?
How stupid of me for not having 3 meals a day?
How Stupid of me for ignoring my need for water even if i really know i really need it?
How stupid of me for forcing my self to throw up even if i know that it would really hurt and it would make my head ache?
How Stupid of me for punching things even if i know that my fists already hurts?
How stupid of me for kicking an innocent fellow martial artist so hard that he fell down on he's knees?
How Stupid of me for letting my emotions take over?
How Stupid of me for shouting at my friends earlier this day?

Im really really stupid
markang takda ng aking bagbabago
ako may may cnabi sa aking sarili na itoy aking ndi gagawehn, sapagkat mahal ko ang aking buhay, dahil mahal ko parihn ang aking buhay at mga taong napapalibot sakin ito ay aking ginawa.

ang markang ito ay ay ndi malalyo sakin, makikita ko to araw at gabi, at aking makikita kahit nasan man ako.

maaring ito ay masakit tignan, ngunit alam kong mas masakit ang narama nilang sakit

para sa lahat ng aking sinak tan, nasaktan, dinisrespeto, at nadisrespeto ako po ay humihing i ng tawad saniyo... ako po ay humihingi ng upumanhin


ang markang ito ay tanda ng aking pagbabago... darating ang oras na inyong malalaman kung ano ang markang ito, at inyong malalaman kung bakit ko ito ginawa
Blog it? yes blog it!
i wasnt able to blog what happened yesterday, it was because it was a very busy day. Lets start at saturday midnight... I was Chatting with hime until 1 in the morning or 2? not sure anyway, we were both sleepy and we both lack sleep. while chatting with hime, I suddenly had a head ache, Lack of sleep? possibly, actually. i leaned back, my eyes closed and fell asleep :( sorry hime :(... then dad woke me up, it was early in the morning i didint look at my cp because i was too tired to move, dad told me that i fell asleep with the computer on the bed and it was on the floor, my bad (HAHA), haha oh yah, i took a bath during midnight, the wind was very cold, and i really needed to take bath, i dont like sleeping without taking a bath, i cant sleep knowing im unclean. i took a bath, the water was almost freezing! and during i was taking a bath, there was a point that i can barely breathe, it was really cold and i was stupid enough to take abath using cold water (HAHA) HIME :( sorry for falling asleep po :(

we ate at 50's dinner! the burger was really big i'll just share it when the pics are uploaded

we left and we went to wright park, my sister and my niece horse riding, me and brother took pictures of them, they reak! as in! covering my face did nothing (HAHA) the smell was concentrated, stupid horse shit

after the horse business we went to john hay... i really dont like what they did to john hay! they removed a lot of things ! they built alot of things ! but it was still cool, i have pics with butter flies!

we went to burn ham! :D burn ham is still a good place to go too :D we went boating haha... well they rowed i just played in the boat (HAHA) poor them rowing the boat with a load as heavy as me haha, well it was freezing ! i forgot to bring with me my jacket i left it in the car haha,
after we went boating my sister wanted to ride the bike :D well when my sister was biking i ate corn:D haha then i went to the roller skating area and looked for my niece :D she was roller skating :D after that we went back to the biking area, my niece went biking, well i felt left out, haha i also wanted to ride the bike (HAHA) i miss my bike haha... Poor me haha
its been a while since i last rode a bike. i missed going fast haha i miss roaming around haha. after the biking we went to the skating area again. i told mom and dad i wanted to skate (HAHA) when i had the roller skates on i wasnt even sure if i can move, eery time i move i say bad things aloud it was because i felt that i wass ganna fall, well there were close calls, and there were times i really fell on the floor, i even hurt my knee... haha ... if ever i get a chance to skate again, i will! even if i look stupid doing it! haha...

after that i was really sweaty... the cold air dried me up... haha after that we went to sizzling plate :D we orderd australian porterhouse it coast 253 each plate! we orderd 5 :D haha anyway! it was really Good :D i missed the smell of gravy in the sizling plate.

we went to my grand fathers place after we ate. :D when we got to the place there was no one answering... we pressed the door bell and all but it turned out that it was broken (HAHa). brother went in ... the gate can be opened from the outside:D good thing the big dog was tied :d haha. we knocked at the main door and no response, brother went and knocked at my cuzinz door and while he was doing so the door opened haha then my cuzin went out and he thought my brother was a burglar (HAHA) my cousin went knocking at the door and my other cuzin went to help :D we werent gettin any were they suggested to open the sliding door which was blocked my the sofa from in side :D brother and my cousins went in the sliding door and dad and i went in the real door haha, it turned out that my grand father wasnt there, my father had a chat with the new partner of my grand father... after their long talking :D brother and i decided to stay with my cuzins :D and dad:D me and my cuzins ate played and drank together:D we were up until 4 .... and we were supposed to be home by 10 :D me and my brother woke up at 10 and arrived at 11 haha when we arrived brother and i took a bath then we went to my brother in laws house we stayed thre until 12 then we were set to leave baguio:D

the trip took us 4 hours to reach launion.... well here i am right now blogging. sweating... and being feasted on by bugs haha well thats that :P
wierdly true and truely wierd
WOW this actaully worked, Cool

Your view on yourself:You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
The seriousness of your love:Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.
Your views on educationEducation is less important than the real world out there, away from the classroom. Deep inside you want to start working, earning money and living on your own.
The right job for you:You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
How do you view success:You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.
What are you most afraid of:You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.
Who is your true self:You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.
Aking Minamahal
Aking Minamahal na princesa
Mahal Na Princesa, isang layuning para saakin ang mapasaya ka. Akiy i kagagalak ang iyong ngiti. ang ngiting nag papaliwanag sa aking mga kaarawan. Maaring maraming dahilan sa aking buhay ang nakakapag palungkot sakin, ngunit ang iyong kasiyahan ay aking ikaliligaya. Umaga ng Araw na ito, tayoy masayang nag uusap nag tatawanan pa kung tutuusin. Nung Uwian Habang tayoy nasa ating paaralan pa. Tayoy makikita sa Bulwagan na kung tawagin. Akoy nasiyahan Sapagkat ikay aking nakitang nakangiti. akiy ikinasaya na ikay maligaya. Habang tayoy nag lalakad at kahit nang tayoy nasa loob ng pampublikong sasakyan tayoy nag kakatuwaan pa. Nung tayo ay papunta sa kainan aking napansin na ikay malungkot, at ikay aking tinanong kung ayos ka lamang, ang iyong sinabi ay , ayos lang. At nung tayoy nakarating na sa kainan ikay napansin na ng lahat, sila ay nag tataka kung ikay bay ayos lamang. Akiy sinabi sakanila na ikay ayos lamang at sinabi ko rin na walang away nanagaganap. Akiy napag isipan kung akoy may nagawa, Akoy nagtaka kung bakit bigla kang nalungkot. kung iyong napansin ang aking mga emsoyon ay nag bago rin. maaring ikay naainis saakin saking paulit ulit na pag tatanong kung ikay ayos lamang. Mahal na princesa ako poy hmihingi ng patawad sainyo sapagkat akoy napraning, Ndi ko lang po tlga alam kung ano po ang aking nagawa at kung anong aking gagawihn. Mahal na princesa ikay aking gsto lamang mapasaya, ndi ko ginustong umalis kmeng ndi ka masaya, nung ikay pauwina iyong cnabi sakin na wag na kitang i hatid, akoy nakinig,ngunit pagkalipas ng ilang saglit akoy lumabas at ikay hinabol. akiy gsto kang samahan sa iyong pag lalakad. Ang aking gsto lamang ay ang iyong kasiyahan at ang bawat saglit na tayong mag kasama. Mahal na princesa ndi ko ginustong sumama, ang bawat araw na tayoy magasama ay kayamanan na rin para sa akin, ngunit ang kayamanan na ito ay ndi mawawalay sakin. Aking minamahal, nalungkot dahil ikaw ay ndi ko nananaman masasamahan sa sabado, ang araw na kung saan tayo ay mag kasama ng halos kalahati ng isang araw. Ako ay nalumbay na ikay ndi ko makakapiling sa mga araw na dapat ay atin. Aking minamahal, ako po ay muling humihingi ng patawad... Mahal na princesa, mahal na mahal po kita, ang kasiyahan mo ay aking kaligayahan,

Ang iyong nag mamahal na kabalyero na may kumikinang na kalasag :D

I want...
i want many things :P

i want my own car. i want my own house.
i want to play the piano,
i want to learn to play the harmonica.
i want to play the violin. i want to play the guitar (HAHA) * the sounds YUI make really is good (HAHA)* I want a L tshirt.
i want a L cap
. i want My own computer
, i want own laptop.
i want my own Internet connection,
i want my own land line in my room,
i want my own hard disk, i want a good phone
P i want an alarm clock that could actually wake me up :P
i want a dog that would run with me :D
I want a big dog for outside :
D and i want cute dogs inside my own house :D I
want to play KH3 (haha)
I want a bike....
i want tires that can actually support my weigh
t. speaking of my weight (HAHA) i want a tread mil :D
i want a sauna :D i want my own pool
:D haha i want a big screen tv...
*I WANT ALOT MORE but i dont actually remember them all :P*

But i want the most is to be with you po :D

not liking not knowing what to do
i really felt useless earlier, not knowing what to do and what to say, i had no idea whats wrong but i felt there was something wrong i kept on asking her whats wrong she said there was nothing wrong my heart said believe to what she said but my brain wasnt with my heart... *stupid brain, why cant you be like my heart?* i felt sad because i really didnt know what to do... i might not look like a guy that does not like knowing what to do... well to be honest i dont show it... i laugh at times like that :P (HAHA) for example i laughed at all my exams during the perio week (haha) i really didint care if i disturbed my classmates (HAHA) they were all focused and i was laughing and was troubled at the same time (HAHA) multiple emotions (HAHA) speaking of my classmates most of them are focused some of us arent (HAHA)! some of us finished 15-20 mins before the time and sometimes even more (HAHA) most of my test papers has a lot of blanks:P its was either answering the wrong answer or not tryng at all (HAHA) well at least i can tell my self that i tried to anwer some of them haha :P
How come?
How Come there is always a part of my day i dont like? *life?*

this morning i asked mom how much was the i fake, mom told me it was 5.8k and i told her i dont want it and she said she didn't want to buy it too it was dad who wanted it for me ... i actually felt bad... dad was trying to make me happy... but it actually made me feel bad:( i felt unappreciated for receiving an ifake, dad was just trying to make me happy.... i guess he failed... i feel bad... :(

How Come Every Time Im In a bad mood i cant help to smile? *doesn't want others to feel my pain, i dont want them to know im carrying a burden i cant handle alone*

when my conversation with my mom ended the service came, i enterd the service with a very mean face. until we reached school i was still wearing my mean face. when i saw some of my friends , i stared some of them down, and to some of them, i just smiled and all :P I might not treat my friends the same way but i do care for you guys :P even the fc and the plastics :P haha.

How come every time im alone, people come to me?

like yesterday and earlier today... yesterday wilson came to me when i was alone in the guard house and today paolo and sir marvin did ... i feel bad because i left them when i saw hime :D , poor them :D


the how come ends here, for the mean time, haha i cant think of any more "how come"s haha.

well the exams for this day was FIL, Ap and business math. Filipino had 8 pages only... it was easy, pretty easy to fail (HAHA) sir marvin gave a really hard test, there were only 15 minutes left and i still had blank pages (HAHA) good thing they extended :D they gave us 30 minutes more... i had 30 more to stare at my failed exam, haha im sure i failed (HAHA) after 30 minutesof staring at my paper it was time to pass (HAHA) then ap was next i got it under control i think (HAHA) then break, i did not eat, haha joke i did not spend my own money but i sure did eat (HAHA) then it was time for business math well it took me 15 mins to guess my anwers (HAHA) i multiplied any number i see and that was my answer (haha) even if i knew it was impossible (HAHA)

we were dismissed i went to teacher michelle to show her my letter for gate pass and she told me to get a gate pass, the gate pass can be found... uhmm i dunno the other side of the building (HAHA) i got my gate pass and teacher signed it and i was looking around for hime but she was no where to be found. I went out thinking she already went out. i hanged out in the parking area for a while looking for some one to talk to (HAHA) i saw arjone and talked to her ... i forgot what we talked about... and talked to winnie... i'm older winnie pla (HAHA) i never knew that until earlier (HAHa)

after a few i saw them inside :D haha. We walked to the gate :D me, hime, sempai, janice,guiller,bentz and arianna... i really enjoy hangging out with my friends which is as old as i am.

we reached the gate and we did not know whos going with who. me and hime decided whos goinh with who by playing jankenpon haha. i won, hime went with me to my house. im still wondering if it was okay for kat...

hime tought me math so cool :D nirvana:D NIRVANA DURING THE PERIO! HAHA! really had fun today:D sana maulet muli haha

How comes at my next blog! hahah

another day broken because of things in my life :(

last night i set my alarm clocks at 5... *yes, i said alarm clocks* and i tried exploring my Ifake phone *BS* i saw that i can set the alarm in different times... i set my first alarm at 4:40 then the 3 more alarms will go on at 5.... well i was wrong the 1st one woke me all right * why does things i don't need or want come to me when i don't need them and then when i need it or them there always there... sheesh !* and when i was eating my my alarm clocks went on at the same time... well anyway who cares about my alarm clocks.... after i ate i took a bath and i wore my uniform and fixed my uniform and got on my service,* yet again it was quiet! *

*i really need my psp* **stupid trade! i gave away my original PSP for a stupid IFAKE** it was a boring trip* i really dont want my service anymore!* i want to commute! i really told mom that i need a gate pass! *here i go again*! why cant mom understand that i have my reasons! why cant she understand that i dont want to have the same boring routine! why cant she understand me? why are there so few who can understand me!? people might think they know me because im always with them and all, your dead wrong, there are only a few who really knows me, moving on!

where was i? oh yeah so we were in school, i roamed around and waited in the guard house, well i was just ganna sit there and wait... i got bored and i felt like reading!? * reading what? my notes? what notes? i cant even read my own hand writing.. yes there are times i dont understand my hand writing, every time i hear people say " ndi ko ma intindihan sulat ko" i react! every time I'd say " compara mo sulat mo sa sulat ko. kanino mas maganda" "i compara mo sulat ng kahit kaino mas maganda sakanila"... i always laugh every time i say that but deep in side im jealous... they all have such clean hand writings...* moving on during my stay in the guard house i saw kevin and i borrowed his bio notebook and he gave it to me and he left ..* i did not say "thank you" you know why? it was against his will to lend me his notebook, poor thing... was forced to give me his bio notebook. * ather that many people passed in front of me... yet again there were snobs... *sheesh dont they know how to be friendly? sheesh poor things...* after minutes i wilson saw me and asked me what i was doing i told him i was studying, and he said i'll join you, * good wilson * then we were reading notes, then i was hime i suddenly stood and joined her... *wilson stay Good wilson*

hime and i was walking and we saw arjone and i told ajone" ndi ka namamansin ah, porket katabi ko si wilson" then she said "oh tlga". a few minutes passed and arjone said lets walk. i just walked (HAHA) she was leading, hime and i was just following we noticed that she was heading for the guard house (HAHA). arjone stopped near the guard house where she could see wilson...*wow wilson stayed Good wilson* and arjone was all fired up she was doing things just to get wilsons attention, ahaha poor thing XP... moving on (HAHA) poor arjone :P haha anyway when we were there near the guard house i saw sempai, since sempai asked me when will i introduce him to her and her to him. and i saw her and i made her look back and i was pushing her back to where wilson was located. *wow good wilson staying there for so long* Sempai was shocked i saw that in her face (HAHA) after that we left (HAHA) me and hime was talking again :D yay :D haha then in a few minutes it was time to line up... time again... sheesh!

we went up and i saw that bio was the first test... i paniced for a while and i guess it came to me that its my fault ... haha poor me. well we recieved our test and after a few mins i was ready to pass my FPT haha GO FIG (HAHA) ... BIO test was hard really hard and it was harder because of the fact i did not review until just this morning (HAHA) even if it was a hard test i passed it on time...

they had their break i did not eat anything again, wait i did eat something but i did not spend amy money (HAHA) oh well :P then it was time for computer... it was it was easy, pretty easy, pretty easy to fail :P haha oh well Good luck to me :P then we had our health (HAHA) we finished like 30 mins before the actual time ....

we were dismissed and i went to my locker and got the wax for teacher roda... and i showed them the body scrub and the lip and cheeck tint... then i went down for tcher grace, she was no where to be found... i went down and i saw arjone and arjone said "arent you going out yet?" hime was already out :( and the guard wont let me out :( STUPID GUARDS! you dont understand us! sheesh! i asked sir glenn and teacher michelle for a gate pas but they refused.. poor me :( :( i had to wait for my service?! when i got down i saw janice hime and arjone talking and arjone saw me and said there he is.... hime asked me if i was going out i told heer i cant no service the guard wont let me out :( it was against my will to let them go :( :( i hate my mom for not making a letter for the gate pass! :( i was in a bad mood after that i was yelling in the lobby and all... the service isint there when i t need them and their there when i dont! sheesh! HIME :( IM SORRY:(

the service arrived and got in i was having thoughts about walking i really need to walk things of my system. and there we were waiting for the service to leave.. it was full! and yet the service did not leave yet that made me annoyed... after a few i saw denise and his brother, we have the same service... i never knew that until today. since it was full i did the right thing and stood up for denise. and i had no where to sit on. i was really ganna comute, but they stopped me poorthing :( the driver told me im not included :( i was like how can i go home? i told zachary to sit on the floor haha poor zach, but denise and his brother decided to walk... they walked ... oh well :P moving on i told the service that i would go down at the gate, but when wer were there there were no traffic so i just told the driver to dropp me off at "talipapa" well i invited fernette for ice cream and patricia was all "oh mini stop" and me and fernette asked her "1st time" haha well patricia wanted to come, ry and kayla also wanted to go with... i treated them ice cream... * why did i? i forgot how that happend?? * we got went down and walked to mini stop, on our way there i saw our car and i hide my self behind the jeepney. *close call* we enterd mini stop and i bought 5 ice cream sundae that cost me 75 pesos and i bought halls again. all in all that cost 100...* why oh why did i treat them? * we walked to fernettes house, while walking patrica was saying " sno mag hahated sakin samahan mo ako ry samahan mo ako kayla" "hala wla ako kasabay" i told "them ako na gsto ko pumatay ng oras" haha after we arrived to fernettes house we went to ry house at then kayla left me and patrica when we arrived near the school which is near to their house. i left patrica near the court near their house, from there i walked alone... then a song played in my head * haha cd player? haha* "this is the end my only friend the end" * i dont like being alone i dont like walking alone... not that i cant but i dont like it :( but i did wonder why?* i was walking down the road, and i walked in front of lara's house *lara we miss you come back here!* ... well my feet was in pain, such a shame. *O.O it rhymed* haha!

well i reached ou house, and mom and dad was there. mom was shocked why i walked and dad said " pagbigyahn mo na nag date lang yahn" that annoyed me " ndi ako nag date sadyang ndi ako pinalabas ng guard! sabi na kse kailangan kong gate pass" i was really annoyed! i missed my time with hime becasue of the stupid guards and because mom doesnt want me to have my gate pass... and here i am right now blogging not studying

Hime :( im sorry i'll make it up to you po :( i promise :'(


what a day
my day : woke up at 5:07..... well it should have been 5 flat... i guess my alarm clocks cant really wake me up. "NO one was awake to prepare breakfast" I went to the kitchen and heated the pasta.... after i heated it i placed it all in my plate and i did not notice that it was enough for 2... which means its enough for me ... (HAHA) after that it was 5:25 i took a bath and all and i woke my mother and ate up... i woke my "mom" because i need to get the money for my tuition and i have no uniform... and my "sister" for the wax shes selling. Mom ironed my uniform and my sister gave me the paper bag with the wax in it.... okay movin on

i got in the service, no 2nd year to talk 2... ate was not there, so i had no one to irritate... then the service picked up paolo... and wen pao sat i asked for his ela notebook he said he left it... darn it, i felt like studying at that moment haha i guess faith doesn't want me to study (HAHA)... ** the morning services are really boring, every service i enter in the morning is all so quiet, am i the only one who wants to change that? oh well "

when i got down from the service i told pao "samahan mo ako sa taas, mai ilalagay lang ako" when we entered the school there were only a few in the school.... mostly kids (annoyed) there were all up stairs... then when i was there i saw my class mates arranging the chairs for the examination, i asked them " kailangan nyo ng tulong?" they told me " halata?" haha GO FIG! (HAHA) i placed the 2 paper bags in the locker and pao asked me if he can try my keys on his padlock (HAHA) he left his keys (haha) poor thing (HAHA) moving on (haha)

i went down to pay for the tuition... *note! i was looking for someone during the whole time* uhmm the personnel gave me my receipt and gave me my permit... and i was on my way back pao saw me and said "bukas na?" and i said " oo bukas na " and he ran to their room which is located in the 3rd floor (HAHA) poor thing (HAHA) okay *still was looking around that time (HAHA)* well i got bored and went to the old lobby *i thought i'd find her there* when i was there i saw my friends waiting for their turn to pay for the cashier (haha) *good thing i payed early* **early? wow that's new (HAHA) well kinda :P** when i was with them i sat at the wooden bench... and i felt something.... it made a "squeak sound" haha cheaply made bench cant even support a w8 of 70kg! (HAHA) *darn it why am i still 70kg?*

oh well the bell rang and it was time for the flag ceremony... we were all nervous (HAHA) we are the ones who will lead the ceremony (HAHA) * i hate my mic voice*! **i never thought i'd hear my real voice again** *** real voice? i dunno but its my mic voice... haha im weirdly strange (HAHA) *** **** the last time i heard my voice like that is when i was in grade 5 (HAHA)**** ***** so many asterisks***** moving on! (HAHA) Sir glenn told us we need to polish :D haha :D Moving on

we went up to our room and when we were there... my wierldly random craziness made me shout! (HAHA) i shouted " happy birthday"! and i sang " happy birthday at the top of my voice... many of my classmates followed me :D some of them even sang without knowing whos birthay it is :D * while singing some of them was covering their ears it was so loud (HAHA)* after the song i shouted "SNONG MAY BIRTHDAY?" some of them answerd in a shouting manner " MIGUEL " haha *poor me i thought they would say "snong may birthday"* and i shouted again! i said " SNO!?" they said "MIGUEL" then i said " wla lang" i laughed and went out the room (HAHA)

lande told me "tara canteen taio" i told her to wait (HAHA) and i asked miguel for 10 for water my throat was so dry (HAHA) lande saw me and asked miguel for 10 too (HAHA) we told him "kumanta naman kme para saio eh sayang effort namin" and miguel gave us money (HAHA) poor thing got pressured to giving us money... oh well more for us :D moving on!

time for ela (HAHA) perio it was 8 - 90 i finished 20 mins before the time (HAHA) i actually feel good about the spelling words (HAHA) tnx HIME :D (cozy) the inly thing that worries me is the sentence patters (HAHA) i forgot them all (HAHA) peo i still finished 20 mins before the time :D

break time i just went down and i looked for hime down stairs... well she was no where to be found... i could not even see a single 3rd year student i said to myself "oh well" :( oh well
i went to the canteen :D and miguel saw me and he asked me for his change (HAHA) he told me " asan na yung 30 ko? " me: anong 30?" miguel: " dba binigyahn kita ng 50" me: " oh bat naging 50" miguel" cge na nga kahit sayo na yung 10" max :"eto oh " (HAHA) cool (HAHA) that actually made me laugh (HAHA)

time for me fave subject CLVE... it just so happens the tcher sucks... sir mark we miss you... even the new students want you back... moving on.... we started 15 mins after 10 (HAHA) and i finsished 15 mins before 11 (HAHA) failed perio (HAHA) haha :P

**during the exams one of my seat mates was asking me what were the anwers (HAHA) poor thing haha**

i went out and i fixed my things and went to my locker to get the wax :D i went to the tchers table and i was looking for tcher kath she wasnt there so i went to the THE room. on my way there i say sempai and hime eating :D but i went to tcher grace first... anyway :P she was there and the paid me 100 i'll get the 20 tomorrow, after that i joined sempai and hime :D and i sat there for a while and i left there sempai told me to leave my bag there... so i did (HAHA) i went to look for teacher kat again... and sucess she was there at their table (HAHA) okay :D teacher roda was there next to tcher kat when i gave the wax to teacher roda and teacher asked questions and orderd one :D they asked me to bring sample of every products of ate (HAHA)
then i went back to the cafeteria :D and spend my time there.... they were eating i wasnt (HAHA) i was kinda hungry oh well (HAHA) we went up and down the stairs and in and out the school (HAHA) killing time with them is really cool (HAHA)

moving on :D we rode the tricycle on our way to the gate and ...... yay :D (HAHA) (yahoo) okay we got down from the tricycle and went our diff ways... they were going to macdo... i was not allowed strict parents ko .... how bad..... i walled through the drizzle and a few minutes passed it turned into a rain... i have an umbrella but why didnt i use it? haha poor me (Haha) i rode a tricycle because i was half wet.... * i dont call a tricycle they call me (HAHA) * okay so i reached home and dad asked me to go with them to pay for the tuiion of my sister and my niece... *bummer* when we were there i i waited until the cashier opend... wrar! 30 mins of pure boredom... how sad.... okay when we got home i told hime i just got home and she was shocked... sorry:( ... is should have went with you guys :(

anyway... i had a feeling that my parents gift for me was an imitaion.... well it was... which made me feel bad :( i was pissed and angry... but i cant show that to my parents i respect them... some how anyway i felt really bad... and i lost my psp for that so called Iphone:( something original for something fake no way! :( so bad:( moving on :P

mom asked me to study and i did not i just slept with my emotions taking over... but i rememberd hapy thoughts :D and it made me happy :D haha TNX FOR ALL THE TIME WE SHARED AND SPENT TOGETHER! LOVE YOU SO MUCH HIME! (cozy)

and thus my first blog enrty ends hope you enjoy (HAHA) :D pls commnet or what ever