It Hurts But I guess I can handle it... trust me
:D i'll start this blog with a smile :D because i just feel like it hehe XD

well anyway i dont feel well these past few days... i guess since last week? last week monday i guess... yah last week monday... i remember telling dang paula and caryl that im not feeling well and i feel cold even thought it was hot... it looked Hot and it was hot, i used someone's jacket as a cape... i dunno i seldom wear jacket and i dont really wear it i just use it as a cape... well anyway when ever i go out of the room i'd say " its hot... who has a jacket?" and all of them would laugh and i really dont care since it really sounded weird... well this past few days you'd notice me carrying a jacket around... i have 3 reasons, their not really Good reasons but i have 3 reasons (HAHA) fist of all, the jacket Looks Good! (HAHA) secondly the sun light hurts my skin (haha) and lastly... it was really cold of me... well anyway .... sunday night i had a head ache but i could still handle it and i ignored , the following morning i still had the same head ache but it hurts even more... but as the day passed by my head ache was tolerable and it was almost gone... right after our dismissal i felt hot... my limbs were shaking as i went down i saw arjone with hime and arjone said something and for some reason i got annoyed then vinni and eanna almost caused me to trip but arjone got a hold of me and helped me and ajrone told me her secret that ...... yah that, i say its really obvious of you to have that for someone... anyway hime and i went out and got in the car... hime asked me if there was something wrong... i just told her im okay.... well i was really okay that time my limbs werent shaking anymore and my head ache was gone... shes my medicine :D ehhehe :D then when we reached her house we said good byes and after a few i just noticed that my head ache was back and then i guess i really needed to rest ... when i got home i wasnt feeling good my head ache was unbearable and i was plurking what i felt...when it was already nine i called hime and we talked for.. i dunno... i guess it was long ... i guess we ended 10:30?? anyway my head was really in pain... i told hime that we really needed to sleep but i guess i was hyper again and told her that i was waiting to hear something i guess i really need a hearing aid since she told me so many times that i was "deaf" heheh sorry i guess my cold affected how i could hear... well anyway after the call my head was in such pain that i cant even sleep until 12.... yes that right ... it was as pain full as that but i guess i manged to get some sleep... then next thing i knew it was already 5 and my eyes looked really bad and my head was still in pain but this time i was hot... but i guess my i really wanted to go to school.... i dunno why but i guess i had no other choice... when i reached school i went up and dropped of some of my books since it was heavy... and then i went down and after a few ervin came running to me and told me that hime was already there and i asked ervin to come with me sicne ireally dont like walking alone (HAHA) anyway it was good to see arjone, sempai, aerold jamie and the others with hime :D their all so fun to be with :D hehe anyway while i was with them i coughed and something came up and i really had to go in the cr... hime and sempai was worried ... after a few the bell rang and i told hime that im okay then we went our ways.... during our fist subject i threw up 3 times and when it was already time i told sir glen that i needed to go to the clinic and the nurse told me to go home and so i did and tada i sleep for so long and had my lunch at 5 :D and now its 11 oh (HAHA) im ganna sleep na imma attend my classes pah :D tomorrow :D

(wave) until next time :D
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