where are you guys right now?
just recently I saw an old student of dla.... what i mean by old student is they have, or had studied in DLA during the old days... (HAHA) during our grade 6 life there was like 160+ of us in one batch.... there was 40+ in one section... well i remember the grad really... i really treasure that memory about the grad... it is the last time so far that most of all my friends sang together the DLA hym and the national anthem and sang and dance together... i cried that time really... i was almost one of the people who left DLA... Good thing i didnt leave (HAHA) I'd miss so many things in my life.... well anyway there was 40 + who left us... lara :( uriel :( daryl :( and so so many more... i cant even name them all because they are all so many... i want to see the year book ASAP! :( i want to remember them all (HAHA) hahah
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