a basis upon which something stands or is supported .... i guess this is my word for the day... it got stuck in my head (haha) well any way ... i'll have to thank the foundation of our section :D and he is... no other than our loving dear adviser :D sir glenn :D thank you sir glen for your support :D we wouldn't have presented a beautiful presentation :D without your help sir glen... we your students thank you so much for helping us during our practices and during the times that we really needed you :D

Well anyway... this day is very memorable :D this is the day that i finally found out what foundation is... im not dumb! i know hat foundation means ... its just im referring to another foundation... the make up (haha) well anyway i thought the foundation is used to control the oiliness of the face ahaha its used to hide unwanted things in the face ... haha sorry :D haha anyway this day i found out that we shouldnt try the mascara too! (HAHA) well it got ruined and it got spread near my eyes... it looked like i had black eye (HAHA) and its really hard to wash it off (HAHA) oh yah i just found out that i really like spicy food :D (HAHA) the traits of being a bicolano is showing oh (HAHA) anyway :D

so okay this is the day where we presented our ella presentation... We were really hoping that our presentation would be a blast... well it was :D (HAha) well we all expected that we would win.. i guess the quote is right " expect the un expected" hehe well not really since the beginning we already felt that the Aristotle class would really be a hard class to compete with, well we were right about that :D i guess we were a little confident ... oh come on! we were over confident... well :D we accept our loss with a smile ... for is we already won ... but it would be better if we did win :D
hehe :D well anyway we enjoyed presenting the play :D the pay where blood, sweat, tears and our money got lost ... hehe just kidding :D well i say it was all worth it :D

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