I guess the title was the first thing that came in to my head HAHA, uhmm dreams? uhmm okay i have dreams :D heheh so okay... list of dreams (HAHA)

Learn to play ... pino,violin. harmonica
Participate in ... boxing, tkd, vball and dance(?)
compete in .., tournaments supported by the school!
learn different languages like ... japanese, chinese, french and korean
Learn to ... Cook :D Fix Computers, DRIVE!
have the following as my own.... HOUSE, CAR, LAND, BUSINESS!
Finish ... TKD! HS! COLLEGE!
I wanna Grow Old With You :D Hime! :D I wanna Grow Old With you :D
take either ... dentistry, entrepreneurship, or law...

uhmmm :D yah :D thas some of my dreams:D
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