ELA Week (pershir presentation)
the first to present was dalton class... it was Good :D but they could have done better... we were all so expecting so much from the dalton class really... it was because they were practicing earlier than any other classes ... i guess they were nervous or something... but it was some how interesting :D well i still liked it though! :D Aladin is one of my favorite disney movie :D :D well i'll have to praise charm, pau and grace and the one who played genie aladin and jasmine :D and the who who played as the sultan is really cool :D he actually looks Good being in character

Next Up was the darwin class their play is about Cinderella :D well i think their play was really tricky cause they have to change their clothes in a very fast manner, well im really amazed to see that they managed to pull if off nce one thalia! nce one darwin :D but i guess you guys received many deductions when you guys were setting the props :D

Okay Then it was Pasteur's turn it is about beauty in the beast :D two thumbs up for them :D carando looked Good, the brother of denise looked Good too, kristina was wonderfull, the beast was really scary, their props was really good :D and their costumes... wow! :D it was really really Good :D oh yah the duster, the clock and the teapot was Good Too :D

and then finaly it was roentgen's time to shine :D well it was also good but as always... the audience would be really bored and all since it was the last one... some of them was already loitering and eating... well anyway its really Good to :D go seven dwarfs !and go snow white :D

uhmm i really Feel bad for darwin and dalton since their play is ow so Good Too ... but the pasteur's play was really Good better i'd say... but i guess they didint win it even thought they received 5 awards... well of us you guys are still winners :D GO 1ST YEAR!

im currently feeling happy and excited and scared (Haha) our presentation tomorrow GO US :D

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