what a day
My day started with a bad atmosphere... we woke up late again as a result, i rushed my eating, but i wont rush taking a bath. After that Vinni and Eanna were the ones supposed to take a bath. Having to wait for them makes me look at my cellphone for time and guess what my cellphone's time is coordinated with the one in school. So yeah i was really really annoying to wait for them. While waiting for them i watched TV and a classic was on it was Donald Duck, but enough about that. it was already 7:50 on my cellphone when we got on the car, knowing that im already late made me just sit back and enjoy the ride. when we got to school i had to go and help Vinni and Eanna go to their room. After that i arrived at my room early. I was really thankful that i wasn't late. I went to Paula and i got my money back, she borrowed money. She gave me coins. I really really dont like coins in my wallet. I went to the canteen and asked for a bill but they told me they still dont have any money. When i was on my way up classes already started i ran to the library to get a photo copy of the periodic table... I'll skip what happened during classes but i totally passed the sw in ELA and totally got what sir lino was teaching and of course i had fun during chem.

After the classes i went down and i was looking for my princes but my mom found me instead mom told me that she'll go to the vice- principal's office which was located on the second floor. while i was waiting i saw my princess on the 3rd floor. Then when she was on the corridors of the 1st floor , I went to her and i asked her if shes going with me and she said her tita told her that she'd go with me. I Told her that my mom was there and she can come with us... but she totally said no. She did this handouts while i was with her. And i was just there, stupid me didint even bother to talk to her.... after a few my mom got there and i told mom that i really didint want to come with her, i was really sad and hurt... My pricess told me to go , my mom also told me to go... i was really sad and hurt, I was near to crying , When we were on the car mom told us that we'd go to Jollibee. I Told mom that no i dont wannna come i'll go down the gate, mom told me that we are going for a drive through but i still said no... she hit the brake and i went down and slammed the door... i really felt bad for doing that. I was going to the guard house but my feet led me towards sir lino's place and yeah i saw sir lino anyway i walked through the hot afternoon. Surprisingly I really did not feel the heat, i was looking straight head and my sweart was dripping and i felt my back wet... while walking i saw the church. And I found my self walking into it. I knelled and prayed. Then after a few i stood up and ended my prayer, there were people testing their sound system in the church i could not manage to focus. I went to our shop... then went home... when i came in... i hugged my mom and i cried .... i love my self TT.TT
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